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Hey there my lovelies, just an update for you to let you know my schedule for 2019, which is one busy fun-filled year so far.

Well, my ‘Love Chances Series’ is going to be spinning-off into something new.  I’m working on a trilogy ‘Love Notes’, which I roll out from end of 2018-2019.  It’s going to be more multicultural love with erotic leanings.  The usual kind of space I like to write.  I write what I live and see around me, so … you could say it’s the space I inhabit.  That space is a racially and culturally diverse network of ties.  I like to focus on the inter-sectional spaces, where races and cultures mix and global connections are made, and, yes, love vibes that stem from my own convictions.  Real life kinda love where the journey is never easy, oft messy, dealing with some heavy topics at times, but with a kick-ass protagonist or two that keeps you thinking and rallying for a sweet HEA.  My stories will never fit into neat boxes, granted, but if I can manage to challenge an ounce of ‘set thinking’ along the way, in even the slightest way, that’s reward enough for me as a writer.  In my head, all kinds of love ‘remains’ possible.  My work kind of reflects that so, I’ll keep writing what I love lol.

Sometimes I do wish I could have more time to do just that though.  You know, deal with all the stories floating around my head, as in going into that full-time writing space.  But the truth is, there’s a whole lot of other changes going on with me as well, outside of my writing which I will have to see how it goes.  A new exciting work project where I’ll need to focus a lot of time and energy and see how this will balance-out with my writing.


The good news is, at the moment, the writing is flowing nicely, so no worries there.  I should be able to squeeze in another release or two by year’s end.  Something old-ish and something new.  I’m currently working on two full-lengths and a couple shorter stories, so, I hope to have a few juicy releases for my readers by the end of 2019.

In any case, humble thanks for sticking with my work, and for checking-in on the site.  You, ‘know’ I appreciate you …

Peace & Love