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2020 was a year which served up the unbelievable.  In terms of my writing though, 2020 was very productive, all the more seeing I was looking forward to a slower start to my writing schedule in 2021 (working towards another goal).  Having said that, my writing projects are progressing in a timely manner, and I hope to be nearing release soon~ish. My next release will be a full length, a novel, that has tested me at every turn (hence, the long-time coming) but I hope will be something nice and thick to sink into.

2020 Recap

January kicked off with the 7th installment in the Love Chances Series, a novel ‘Just Like You’.  This was a young adult Caribbean romance which was a trip to write.  I fell in love with Abydos and Anya’s story and I think bringing it back to London had to be done so as to reconnect with all of the characters my readers have grown to love in this series.

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February was a spin-off quick diversion ’cause I had partially finished Ree’s story and thought it could be a short as opposed to a full-length seeing she was heavily present in ‘Just Like You’. I still wanted her to get her HEA so …

Moving on from there I thought of putting the Love Notes Series together, so I did …

Then, I finished off a sci-fi romantic short ‘Separate’ that happened to be in flow at the time. I loved Theia and Jay making the most of a screwed up dystopian reality. That was a side of my writing I will be developing further in the future. This story is black love, it’s resilience, yeah … it meant a lot to write.

And finally, for the summer, I completed ‘Midnight Sons’. This is more politically charged, but very much a romance … or romances. It isn’t an easy read, but I wanted to move away from this idea of there being one kind of romantic journey. Sometimes things don’t work out, there’s blame on all sides, but that’s the easy bit. Self-reflection is the hard number. What part was your responsibility? Here the characters are forced to own up to their own shortcomings, holding a mirror as it were.

2019 was …


#WritingLife #WIP (2020-2021) …

Hey there my lovelies, just an update for you to let you know my schedule for 2020-21, which is one busy year so far.

Well, my ‘Love Chances Series’ is going to be continuing, more multicultural love with erotic leanings.  The usual kind of space I like to write.  I write what I live and see around me, so … you could say it’s the space I inhabit.  That space is a racially and culturally diverse, with a rich network of family and friendship ties.  I like to focus on the inter-sectional spaces, real life kinda love where the journey is never easy, oft messy, dealing with some heavy topics at times, but with a kick-ass protagonist or two that keeps you thinking and rallying for a sweet HEA.  My stories will never fit into neat boxes, granted, but if I can manage to challenge a modicum of ‘set thinking’ along the way, that’s reward enough for me as a writer. All kinds of love are possible.  My work kind of reflects that so, I’ll keep writing what I love lol.

The good news is, at the moment, the writing is flowing nicely, so no worries there.  I should be able to squeeze in another release or two by year’s end (2020).  Something old-ish and something new.  I’m currently working on two full-lengths and a couple shorter stories, so, I hope to have a few juicy releases for my readers by the end of 2021.

A Christmas Story

Before U Go (2020)

Carmen’s emotional wall has held firm, thus far.
Positioned to mask long-standing vulnerability,
she has managed to navigate life on her terms,
despite never really feeling able to thrive

Tray Simmons has built a wall of a different kind,
an urgent defense designed to tame his urges and ‘out’ certain
emotional fires. Tray’s ‘women problems’ have been life-altering, of late.

For both strangers, their lows have been far outweighing life’s highs.

But destiny’s a funny thing.
Its ways ‘possibly’ wily. Certainly a force to be reckoned with.

It’s Christmas in a heartbeat, and just when the downs spell ‘out’,
for Carmen and Tray, just …
‘maybe’ … this is a refreshing slide into something new.