Work in Progress

Work In Progress

#Amwriting #WritingLife Wednesday one-liners from my #WIP … My #LoveChancesSeries is continuing and this is Stephanie’s story , coming 2018 #JustLove #AARomance #LoveChancesSeries

Untitled #WIP snippet:

“I mean, throughout the course of a typical day, I saw many a good-looking dude in a suit. I had good-looking brothers. They had good-looking friends. But this was different. This guy had the full package, if you know what I’m sayin’ … The body, the looks, the charisma and an air of mystery, with the foreign accent, which left a poor strung out frustrated woman, such as myself, frankly gagging for it. Oh bollocks! My body was still pulsing and I still had to retrace my steps without coming across as a complete dithering jackass.”

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