Work in Progress

Work In Progress

#Amwriting #WritingLife Wednesday snippet from my #WIP … My #LoveChancesSeries is continuing and this is finally gonna be Stuart’s story, going all out with this one lol #JustLove #AARomance #LoveChancesSeries

Untitled #WIP:

“A faint smile cracked the side of her mouth. And, a visible sigh left Stuart’s shoulders. Relief. The faint recognition of that mischievous spark. She was coming back to him. Damn it! She had to come back.

“You won’t stop will you?” she teased, the smile broadening until she bit down on her lower lip.

“Nope.” Stuart dipped his chin in a ‘no’, his eyes darkening, eyebrows furrowed.

Claudia flushed all over, wrapping her arms around her middle to steady herself. “Well, then … you must still like looking for trouble.”

“Your kind of trouble? Yes, ma’am.” © 2017 L. S. Bergman

© 2017 L. S. Bergman