Cover Reveal …

A Private Fire A Love Notes Short Reena Dristlan has reached professional heights she never even believed were possible. Beautiful beyond measure, Ree has blossomed into a darling of the catwalk. One lucky break, after a rushed move to Paris, and her career has soared, her image perfectly constructed, her execution of 'said' image ... [...]

Soulmates: A Sunday Sample

Happy Sunday my lovelies ❀ .Β  I'm getting over a crazy full week and am just here chilling, been writing, and am now about to tackle my 'thirsty natty dreads' with some deep conditioner (too much info, I know lol). But very necessary. I can tell yuh. #naturalhairproblems πŸ˜‰ Anyway, today's Sunday Sample is gonna [...]

Joy this Christmas

Yep, today's pre-Christmas ramble is targeting 'Joy'! We're told that getting some is not only 'key' to enjoying Christmas but to life generally. If you want to live long, you better get busy with cultivating some joy! OK. Sounds good. But accepting such a presumption doesn't tend to make it any easier in terms of [...]