Friday chillin’…

Yay, it's Friday! I'm here writing at my desk, listening to music as per usual (checking out the album drop of the day 'Revival'), and ended up reflecting (should be writing lol but … umm … anyway). Here's my Friday share #justlove. One is a quote, the second, an activity, the third is more of [...]

A Christmas Short

“Yes, I want to know, Mr. Smith. I mean, excuse me for coming around like this, but when Julias starts missing school because of supposed illness, having had the best attendance in the class … well, naturally, I was worried.  But then I find out tonight, there ain't nothing wrong with him?” I said, managing [...]

Sample Sunday

  Sample Sunday: This sample is from my upcoming release 'Daring to Hold'. This is Claudia and Stuart Simmons' story … dropping Nov. 22. #BlackLove #LoveChancesSeries No. 5 I hope you'll check it out #JustLove Daring to Hold, L.S. Bergman (available for Kindle Pre-order: ) Blurb: What happens when a 'dream life' goes up [...]

New Release coming next week …

It's finally here!!! lol.  Yep, 'Daring to Hold' is coming out next week.  Release date: November 22nd! More updates to come, but just a little background teaser. 'Daring to Hold' is Stuart and Claudia's turbulent love story.  You may remember Claudia, Dawn's supermodel sister, popping up in Second Chances (Love Chances Series Bk1) and ... [...]