L.S. Bergman is a British Caribbean-born (and raised) writer of women centered romantic fiction. Liz’s writing cuts across multiple genres, from historical to urban contemporary and poetry, with a focus upon different cultural blends and romantic possibilities. Liz writes from conviction always seeking out inter-sectional love vibes where connections rub up against conventions.  Her work hopes to challenge such set mindsets, ‘cos love is love …
She is the author of the Soul Love Series (1 to 2, 2 to 4, Loose Ends and Smitten), Inevitable Lies, and the Love Chances Series of which Second Chances is book 1.

About me

“When I’m not writing, I’m working, being a ‘mom’ and a wife, reading, listening to music, and travelling…the list seems to get longer and fuller each year. But that’s just how I love it… action. Enjoying life’s moments as they unfold, from the mundane to the sublime. Life is a beautiful thing. There are so many interesting people and places, and I cannot get enough of learning, about life, love and most of all the experiences which shape different connections. Life is a process of transformation and growth. Just when we think we have everything figured out, that’s it usually throws us a curveball,”

L.S. Bergman


Book Titles and Blurbs:

Loving Gio:

“Courageous” and “resilient”. Two words that aptly sum up the gifted and beautiful Giovanna Walker.

Two more.

“Quirky” and “wilful” … especially when it comes to relationships. In matters of the heart, Gio has never been particularly impressed. She’s not sure she even believes in love. She sure hasn’t expressed a great interest in finding it. Up until now, hook-ups are more Gio’s scene, satisfying needs and keeping it on the fly. Casual parlance and fleeting encounters.

Blessed with a unique talent, Gio’s primary commitment remains her art. Most days, the sufferance and desire of self-expression alone feels like commitment enough, and, given her struggles of late, certainly all she can handle. Present circumstances aside, it would take an exceptional kind of man to even connect let alone sway Gio’s soul.

Justin Redman is one such man.

“Loving Gio” is the first book in the Love Notes Series. The beginning of a love story for talented artist, Giovanna Walker, a troubled soul, an outsider, with circumstances not entirely under her control. Gio has desires and intentions a-plenty, loving on the mind … like all the time … if only life would just settle-down, behave, and darn well cooperate. 

“Loving Gio” is a short story, an intense slice of time, journeying one woman’s struggle for the freedom she desires, to live on her terms, to express herself unequivocally, pursue love wholeheartedly … “no matter what”.




‘Find your passion, something that drives you, fills you, ‘cos that’s when true living is gonna end up fascinating you, and all the other pieces will fall into place.’ 

That’s what my folks had drilled into us.

I thought I’d found it, I mean, professionally and materially, I could’ve sworn I had.
I was successful, with everything going for me, be it for one thing. 

I was hitting my mid-30s and still single, holding out for the dude of my dreams, adamantly glued to that shelf, because I was stubborn, hell bent on ‘not’ settling.

So when Justice Mensah came blasting into my life one night. The man made my world more than shift on its axis, I got a taste of that ‘heaven on earth’ feeling I’d been searching for. 

My something ‘in’ life became a someone ‘for’ life … just that quick.

Love really does change you, is all I can say. 

It’s powerful stuff, perhaps the strongest of all emotions, but also fragile and in need of protection.



Becoming Bessy

‘There is a thin veil’, that’s what Mama used to say,
‘like the rarest of silk, separating the seen from the unseen,
the living from the dead, us from our ancestors.’
And, no matter what form this veil takes, it is there all the same,
like mist on a lake at dawn
or the wafting of holy smoke in dem people’s church.

All you need do is hold on to it,
and get to turnin’ some good outa all that bad.

This story is testimony to that kind of faith.

A story of becoming.

One woman’s journey from the edges of Empire to the mother country and back again.
A story of struggle, of loss, of nation-building and ultimately
… a story of redemptive love.

“Who would’ve thought it would end this way?
Mama’s voice whispered in my head.”

“Don’t forget to write it down, Bessy.
Less people forget.
So dat long after we dead and gone,
passed to dat other side,
dis story gonna take on wings of its own … and fly.”

Set at the end of the nineteenth century, in the fictional island of Castells in the West Indies,  ‘Becoming Bessy’ is a post-emancipation diasporic story of a girl’s journey to womanhood at a time of Empire and early nation-building.


Daring to Hold

(Love Chances Series No.5)

What happens when a ‘dream life’ goes up in a puff of smoke?

Claudia Banks is about to inhabit just that reality. From the famous Anjou the cat-walk darling to a broken lonely woman, Claudia’s fall is not only swift and unexpected; it feels more than decisive.

Stuart Simmons, musician, celebrity heart-throb and member of the popular band Soul&Ice has only ever been in love with one woman, except he hasn’t exactly divulged that fact. They’ve been riding together for years. Stuart remembers Anjou though, before the supermodel moniker, before all of the hype. When they were just kicking it together as plain ‘ole Stuart and Claudia. First-time kinda crushing.

Their climb to fame has been equally swift. Their rumoured relationship … sometimes ‘on’, sometimes ‘off’ … wayward and far from smooth. Living the high life, that’s just the way things tended to roll. Turbulent and fast.

But what happens when things truly fall apart and crumble?

Who and what really matters then?

Love Chances Series Book 5, a sweet Afro-Caribbean Novella

One Week

(#LoveChancesSeries Book 4, 2017)

L.S. Bergman

Paula Bano is ‘more’ than her famous last name. Her path hasn’t been exactly smooth. And, she’s had her fair share of bumps along the way. But her struggles have taught her one thing, ‘try to stay the course and never lose sight of your true objectives’. For Paula, having committed to certain changes, there is no turning back.

Priority no.1? Shed the pounds, her health demands it. Priority no.2? Trash her reclusive ways, get out and live. Nurture a fresh path.

With her new lifestyle changes in full swing, Paula feels finally on the road to fulfilling the words her Nigerian father practically ingrained upon her subconscious:

‘Know thyself
And the blessings will follow’

Paula’s reinvention and process of self-discovery has begun to take root. What she never anticipated along the way was for ‘the blessings’ to come in the shape and form of a soulmate …

Robert ‘Rob’ Parker has been living the privileged high-life. Music. Girls. Partying. Now, young heartthrob status aside, summer has arrived, but, for Rob, the shallow seeking of thrills isn’t quite cutting it. Things in Rob’s world are starting to feel a little old already. Predictable. With school out and a music career about to take off, he has everything going for him. Then, why is he feeling so tired? What’s the special ingredient missing in a supposedly perfect life?

Crossing paths with Paula Bano again feels like more than a blast from a distant past.
Effortlessly picking-up from where they left off, Paula begins to feel like exactly the reality-check Rob has been searching for.

One week is all it takes?
One short week for a woman to rock Rob to the core …
One week of firsts
One week to follow a path to love?

‘One Week’ a sweet Afro-Caribbean young adult novella.


The Promise – Tactics of Love

(#LoveChancesSeries Book 3, 2017)


Every girl wants the fairy tale, ‘the promise’ of a perfect love.

Alessa Monroe is no exception.

Every guy has his way, his tactics for getting what he wants.

Keith Parker has enough skills and fame to consider himself a pro, and Isaiah Fieldman’s powers hate to be underestimated.

One woman is responsible for both men’s sudden awakening and moment of reckoning… Alessa Monroe.

For Alessa, her life feels like it’s finally on track.

With a bright ‘too-good-looking’ mentor and boss, Isaiah Fieldman, and a dreamboat celebrity boyfriend, Keith Parker, everything in Alessa’s world seems to be on the fly. The niggling feeling at the base of her stomach, that it is all too good to be true, too perfect; Alessa is happy to ignore, until … she can’t help but read the writing on the wall.

Words that say. Men and their wily ways don’t always add up. What you think you see is not always what you get. The guy you think you’ve got all figured out isn’t who he seems.

Because love is like that, complicated, oft bumpy, seldom smooth. These are how the games oft go in the tactics of love.


Lucid Dreaming


Jules Logan is beautiful, smart, quirky, but most of all… a free spirit, someone who has traveled a hard road for her twenty-five years young.

Where her love life is concerned? Jules is a fly by night kind of girl. Like her finances, real relationships are alien and never smooth. She’d run a mile from a relationship just to keep things on her terms, nice and easy …easy come, easy go. That’s her motto. Keeping it real in the here and now, the future bursting with possibilities, she doesn’t yet have the strength to entertain, her past living proof of all the reasons not to get caught up in any man in the present.

All of that is before Aaron walks into her life, and changes ‘everything’, breaking down her walls, and making Jules quake….literally.

Beyond gorgeous, Aaron is like any woman’s wet dream, embodying every asset Jules could dream of finding in a man. Having a family with, growing old together, the whole package…She’d definitely buy into it, especially with Aaron, if it wasn’t for the uneasy feelings of unworthiness and judgement rumbling the base of her core.

But, perhaps, everything happens for a reason? Perhaps Aaron has entered her life at just the right time to help her cope with a tragedy, that tests everything Jules and Aaron have found in each other, a tragedy that leaves Jules sifting and sorting afresh through painful buried secrets of an already screwed up past.

Jules may have woken up to the fact that Aaron owns her heart, but is it enough to fix hers? Can their commitment weather the storm, or will Aaron realize he’s stumbled into a lot more than he’d bargained for? If only things could be different… Jules would do anything to wake up and find her problems were all just a half-crazed dream…

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Second Chances

(#LoveChancesSeries Book 1, 2016)


A prelude novella…


What happens when the ‘love of your life’, a fairy-tale romance, ends abruptly. Too abruptly. And in the middle of all that mess and pain, the perfect new guy comes along. Too quickly.

Dawn Banks, competent lawyer and mother of two, has just split from her long-term life partner and father of her two children, Keith Parker, front-man for the newly-famed band ‘Soul & Ice’.

Keith was everything Dawn was searching for in a man. He was her soulmate. Or, so she’d convinced herself. They’ve shared a mountain of history, taken a long journey…together.

Except now, times change, and that togetherness has been shattered.

Keith’s philandering has left Dawn alone, humbled by infidelity and faced with a new single status, a status she no longer knows how to work.

But chance is a funny thing.
A chance encounter with a gorgeous man offers Dawn a new glimpse at the sublime. Sean Jones’s world literally collides with Dawns, offering everything Keith is not.
But the ties of old love run deep.
Is Dawn ready to take a second chance at love? Is she even strong enough?

Inevitable Lies


Detective Luis Richter longs to go places, and become ‘somebody’. But lately he’s being doing not much of either. Between meaningless misdemeanors and boring office gossip, his hometown of Munich is hardly the hub of criminal activity. Until one day, Luis’s humdrum life is turned upside-down when an international case involving big money and deadly intent lands in his lap, the main victim in all this a wealthy heiress by the name of Joy Evans.

In taking over the reins of her late father’s extensive business interests, Joy Evans never expected to wind-up a witness to a murder. As the investigation stakes are raised, and the implications of the case fall-out become apparent, Joy is forced into a witness protection program to ensure her safety.

Moved from one holed up destination to another, and taking on an assumed name, Joy is thrust under the protection of the handsome Detective Luis Richter. Having got off to a less than favorable start, Joy soon realizes that Luis is all she’s got.

But Luis holds a secret. For Luis, Joy is not only an unexpected re-awakening of the past. She’s almost more than he can handle in the present. Beautiful, feisty and vulnerable, in dire need of love, what happens between them becomes entangled in Luis’s mind. When his biggest test of adversity looks increasingly like a gift of destiny?

Their chemistry is off-the-scale, their mutual attraction uncontrollable. The only question is, will love be enough?

Inevitable Lies is a gripping suspense-filled adult bi-racial/IR romantic drama, spanning Europe to the Caribbean islands.




Evon Samples is a popular rising star, the only daughter from a family with a famous name. The notorious Def D is a mega-rapper with a reputation he’s been trying to tame.

When Evon and D’s paths cross, Domenico becomes convinced that their mutual attraction for each other is a whole other league of ‘special’. Moving forward, with Evon, feels unstoppable, despite the fact that D is still struggling to define exactly what that entails.

Evon is much more certain of things. She’s looking for a relationship, and doesn’t have a lot of patience for a man who is still learning how to spell the word. Although, the concept is growing on him, perhaps not fast enough.

Moving center-stage, Evon more than grabs D’s attention. An unexpected compulsive turn has D smitten, and determined to step-up his game. But D’s not the only man with his eyes set on Evon.

Will Def D have the time to convince Evon otherwise? Is he even capable?
And, if so, is Def D really ‘the one’ with whom Evon should be spending her time?

Smitten is the 4th book in the Soul Love Series, but it can also be read as a AA Stand-Alone

Loose Ends

(Soul Love Series Book 3)


Less than a year ago, Indieauthor Alma Grant had it all, best-seller success, a film-deal, but a personal life, of her choosing, which had remained closed-off and stubbornly single.

Now, engaged and mid-term through a twin pregnancy, Alma’s life could not have looked more different. She could never have predicted to be on the verge of sealing her happiness with a marriage to one of the hottest celebrity bachelors, ex-rapper and film star, Spade.

Coming out to LA, Sharon Philips, Alma’s competent British assistant and long-time friend, has been thrust into the role of organizing, what is billed to be, one of the biggest weddings of the year. A highly efficient workaholic, with buried talents of her own; Sharon is determined to pull -off the wedding without a hitch.

Little did Sharon expect to be working together with Raymond Parks, Spade’s right hand. Their initial efforts feel more like a frustrated clash of working styles, cultures, and smoldering vibes.

But although the wedding plans remain on track, things where Spade is concerned rarely seem to run smoothly.

As new evidence comes to light, the legal investigation into the shootings at the Soultronics Label is resurrected, under the lead of a persistent Detective Woods, effectively unleashing a storm of far-reaching repercussions. In the midst of the fall-out; while forces seem intent on tearing Alma and Spade’s world apart, the prospect of their wedding right along with it; Sharon and Ray are forced to dig deep.

An emotional roller-coaster ride; Loose Ends is the 3rd, IR Stand Alone, installment in LS Bergman’s Soul Love Series.

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2 to 4

(Soul Love Series Book 2):

A sweet novella sequel to 1 to 2 in the Soul Love Series.
Alma Grant, a successful Indieauthor, having landed her first big film deal in LA for her last romantic thriller, The Second Coming, has met her lovematch in Spade, a gorgeous celebrity rapper turned actor, and the leading man in her upcoming film.
Their intense and impulsive attraction for each other continues to feel unstoppable, despite the continuation of unwanted, and increasingly threatening, visitations from Spade’s past seemingly intent upon derailing their relationship.
Both Spade’s desire to build a new future together with Alma, and the strength of Alma’s potential to stand by her man “no matter what”, become tested to the extreme by the violent and manipulative tactics of Spade’s old hood associate The Groove.
As things spiral and unfold, Spade finds himself being pulled ever deeper into a world he no longer wants any part of, and has fought so hard to free himself from. In search of common ground, a mutual love that felt so certain at first becomes clouded. Amidst the enveloping chaos, they must dig deep if they are going to stand a chance of a future together.
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1 to 2

(Soul Love Series Book 1)


Spade is at the top of his game. Where women are concerned, he is an untamable player. While most of his ex-fellow rappers have undergone the “transition” from unsuitable womanizer to settled, married, kids, the whole deal; now in his forties, Spade has held out, enjoying the high life, with no intention of ever changing.

His staying power? A solid record of hip-hop success, followed by a seamless transition into movie acting, underpinned by a still drop-dead gorgeous physique, mouth-watering good looks, and seemingly impossible charm. To say that Spade is celebrity hot property is an understatement. And, Spade is determined to keep things that way. That is until Alma Grant, a level-headed, confident, mind-blowingly beautiful successful author from London blasts into his life.

Visiting the set of her upcoming film to her novel, The Second Coming, in which Spade is given a lead role, Alma’s appearance is like a severe earthquake shaking his world. All poise and confidence, Alma throws Spade into seriously unchartered waters. She is like no woman he has ever met before. To Spade, Alma is more than beguiling; almost inconceivably, he quickly thinks she could well and truly be “the one”.

But just as the final missing piece to his perfect life looks set, a visitation from Spade’s gangland days seems intent upon reacquainting Spade with the old ways of settling business altercations. These persistent and reckless ties from his hood personify the “old reality”, a way of settling scores that Spade has fought so hard to liberate himself from, and forget.

Whether Spade will be able to move forward with his continued desire to be with Alma, the one woman who has ever rocked his world; or, be drawn back into his old gangland ways becomes the ultimate test of his willpower.

One thing is for sure, Spade and Alma’s commitment to each other is about to be sorely tested. Forced to roll with it, both of their worlds are quickly turned upside down, as both batten down the hatches for a rough ride. A ride which becomes a struggle for an impulsive love’s very survival.

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