Next up …

It’s never too late to reinvent a life.  And nobody knows this better than Sadie Green. Coming soon-ish, ‘Green’s Confessions’ is a short about second and third chances lol.  A mid-life crisis turned good with some truthtelling along the way. 

These two are polar opposites with polar magnetism 🔥. ‘But’ … you know there’s gonna be a ‘but’ … it takes real schooling to make a relationship work. What Frederick and Sadie end up discovering in each other becomes some valuable, be it ‘tough’, lessons for life. Stay tuned but ‘til then … here’s a ‘lil …

Tuesday 1-Line:

“These signs and signifiers are all flashing red. His extravagant flare for fashion and, in my case, the lack of one, couldn’t be more opposed. Different value systems, I guess. What dude spends on luxury consumption …looking good? I spend finalising mortgage payments.” ©L.S. Bergman 2022

Image Accred: Canva Free Stock Images

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