worth the wait

This is the story of Jules Logan, a free spirit with a troubled past, book 2 in the Love Chances Series.

A random hook-up at a club marks the beginning of a bumpy journey towards a semblance of commitment with a necessary deeper awakening. Never easy, like everything else with Jules, nothing is smooth. To that end her relationship with Aaron is a saving grace.

Here’s a revamp from the backlist – ‘Lucid Dreaming’ ...

“Scanning the crowd, Aaron’s random people gazing stopped abruptly, his eyes coming to rest upon a woman in a brown fur coat letting loose with another girl on the cramped dance floor, a little in front of him. Both were eye-catching, but it was the one in the fur coat that made his muscle literally twerk to attention. With her wild head of bouncing dreadlocks, a very pretty face and dazzling bright red painted lips; the girl’s eyes were closed as she moved,. She was rapping out lyrics like a lunatic, her friend laughing and chipping in to suit. 

Aaron chuckled, signalling a refill and leaving a note on the counter, his gaze floating readily back to his fur baby.

She had rhythm like no tomorrow, gyrating up a storm.  Bangles jingling, arms raised, a nose ring swaying above full red lips, lips that sparked something primal, a carnal longing. He watched as she slid the coat down her back playfully, a sensual manoeuvre, revealing ample breasts and curves.

This girl had Aaron caught.

She was beautiful, in an alternative kind of way, with wild locks, sexy style, piercings and striking features.

Confident in her overt sexiness, seemingly oblivious to the other male eyes fixed on her, she was carefree in her groove.

Huh … I like me some a-dat, Aaron mused, intent on putting in a move before another brothah beat him to it. He had had a few recent hook-ups at The Globe. Nothing lasting. The girls who came in the joint were pretty gorgeous, but this girl he definitely hadn’t seen before. She was next level.

Retrieving his beer and quenching the dryness in his throat, Aaron pushed off the bar … no time like the present.

Meandering through, Aaron eased up next to her, watching her rap with eyes shut, unaware of his presence. Leaning in, he placed two chosen words in her ear. “Too sweet.”

Her eyes snapped up as she backed-up.

Her friend edged closer, defensively, watching Aaron straighten up to his full height, a wicked smile plastered on his face.

While he took another swig of his bottle, the friend batted her eyelids, sizing him up, her smile eventually softening the initial aggression, as if still suspicious but liking what she saw. A smile cracked the side of her mouth, just as Aaron’s fur lady came back at him, drawing extra close, until her cleavage was flush under his gaze like temptation itself.

“What you say?” Fur lady barked, shoulders squared, chin raised.

“You heard me,” Aaron replied, fixing his eyes on hers, then trailing her breasts, the length of her tight black leather mini-dress, down to linger provocatively on toned legs.

Aaron smiled, satisfied with his detailed perusal.

By the time his eyes raised to hers, she was smiling too, either enjoying his suggestive appreciation or ready to come back with a boss move.  Either way, her friend sucked her teeth for emphasis.

“You think you’re all that?” fur lady offered, her quiet tone more tempting than annoyed, as she removed her coat and folded it over one arm, her hands moving to her hips, akimbo.

“Think? I know, foxy furs.” He smiled, pointing to the coat. “By the way, didn’t no one tell you it’s friggin’ hot in here?”

“Well, here’s the thing, didn’t no one tell you I can wear whatever the hell I want, when I want?”

If looks could kill.

Aaron released a chuckle, his hazel eyes dancing playfully. I really like her. This woman wasn’t simply out of the ordinary.  Hot, feisty and quick, unfazed by his attempts to provoke; there was something about her vibe that was messing with him. 

“I’m liking that you did.” He nodded to the coat. “You stick out …” Like a queen, he was going to add, but held back, deciding to keep those cards close to his chest.” Lucid Dreaming © 2017, 2022 L. S. Bergman

Image Accred: Canva Free Images

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