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Becoming Bessy

‘There is a thin veil’, that’s what Mama used to say,
‘like the rarest of silk, separating the seen from the unseen,
the living from the dead, us from our ancestors.’
And, no matter what form this veil takes, it is there all the same,
like mist on a lake at dawn
or the wafting of holy smoke in dem people’s church.

All you need do is hold on to it,
and get to turnin’ some good outta all that bad.

This story is testimony to that kind of faith.

A story of becoming.

One woman’s journey from the edges of Empire to the mother country and back again.
A story of struggle, of loss, of nation-building and ultimately
… a story of redemptive love.

Rhythm to Love:

There are seasons to life, like there’s a’rhythm to love’. Lately, for Dora Walker, the patterns of both life and love have left her a freakin’ mess. She’d trusted ‘life’ once, thought she’d found her ‘one and only’, twice over already. Both men ended-up breaking her heart, and scarring her for life. That’s why Dora has settled for a relationship that ‘feels’ solid, despite being loosely defined.

Vincent Blass isn’t deterred by Dora’s irresolute ways. He’s invested. In it for the long haul, sufficiently sure he’s tuned into Dora’s vibe, taken the time to figure out the sensual resonance throbbing her core, confident he can hold her down, secure in his ability to satisfy needs. Vince is all in, one hundred committed. Determined that, irrespective of the bumps or the time invested, he may not have been Dora’s first, but he’s sticking around, ’cause he’s damn well planning to be her last.

Lucid Dreaming:

Jules Logan is beautiful, smart, quirky, but most of all… a free spirit, someone who has travelled a hard road for her twenty-five years young.

Where her love life is concerned? Jules is a fly by night kind of girl. Like her finances, real relationships are alien and never smooth. She’d run a mile from a relationship just to keep things on her terms, nice and easy …easy come, easy go. That’s her motto. Keeping it real in the here and now, leaving the future bursting with possibilities, a future she doesn’t yet have the strength to entertain, her past living proof of all the reasons not to get caught up.

All of that is before Aaron walks into her life, and changes ‘everything’, breaking down walls, and making Jules quake…

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