Sample Monday

‘I told her; I led with actions not words’.

Here’s a Monday snippet from,

DEVOTION (The Love-Chances Series no.8)

‘ARE YOU WAITING for Professor Simmons?’

Her sunken voice came out of nowhere. It was the kind of voice that garnered visceral reaction, making me jolt from my phone. Her tone was unusual, slightly deeper, a sexy blend of silky-soft and raspy-smooth. ‘Damn‘ if I didn’t need to put a face to it.

Looking up from the screen my eyes locked to an incredibly beautiful sistah.

I was leaned back against the wall outside dad’s office, having completed my last exam in a final year that was nothing but work. Dad was finishing up a tutorial with some students and knew I was waiting. It was our usual monthly lunch meeting, catch-up. Nothing out of the ordinary, except today we’d be having a celebratory drink or two. Things were looking up, yet I hadn’t expected this.

This woman was ‘bangin‘. Gorgeous. Petite but slender hourglass with a wild head of tight ringlet brown kinky curls piled high atop in a pineapple crown. Her brown skin looked sun-kissed as if she’d been tanning-it in the quad cause it had a warm blush to it, moisturized by some sweet-smelling oil, her scent like summer flowers and coconut. Her white mini-dress and brown leather sandals accentuated … ‘smooth legs’. ‘Yeah’, my eyes had dipped.

“Are you … umm …?” She was angling for a repeat, with an added arch of her brow and nod of chin towards my dad’s closed door. She looked confused as if trying to suss out whether something was wrong with me.

Image 1&2 Accred: Free Canva Stock Image

I had no idea the length of time that had passed between her question and now cause I’d been checking her out like the horny-ass man I most definitely was.

“Nah … I mean, yeah … but not like -“, I stumbled through my response, feeling like an ‘eediat‘, as I pulled up to my full height, my hands tunneling along with my phone into my jean’s pockets. I couldn’t believe my old man got to work with women like this. Damn.

“What’s that ‘sposed to mean?” She gnawed her bottom lip, trying to rein in a smile. It was obvious, she’d messed me up. …”

DEVOTION – available on #KindleUnlimited

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