New release

This novel is a full length book baby y’all, a project that has occupied the last two writing years. A book which comprises the 8th novel in the Love Chances Series which grew out of a short introductory novella ‘Second Chances‘ and one character, a musician – Keith Parker, The series has taken on a life of its own with other characters from the band and their relatives, of which this new release ‘Devotion’ tells Abraham’s story with his girl ‘Edy’. This is a passionate novel. Something I hope you’ll enjoy!


Abraham Simmons (‘Ham’), like his twin brother, knows who he is, and what he’s about. He knows what he wants in a career and what he is drawn to in a woman. In fact, he thinks he’s already satisfied both. At least that’s what he’s hoped. As an engineer, Abraham is used to going all in, overseeing the execution of a project, surmounting any difficulties and sticking with it to the end. A singular commitment he also brings to his relationship with one woman.

Edythe Carrington (‘Edy’) is equally singular about her professional purpose in life, but a crazy hot mess when it comes to all the rest. Drawn to her academic and activist pursuits, Ed seems devoted to saving and fixing everyone but herself. Edy likes the ‘idea’ of commitment even if she’s not too good at the love part in practice. Always juggling, Edy struggles to balance career goals with the needs of those most loyal to her.

One has been giving too much.
The other not enough.
The test is whether their devotion is the glue that can hold them together.

Set in London, ‘Devotion’ can easily be read as a standalone Afro-Caribbean romance novel, although for an enhanced reading experience it would be valuable to check out the prior books in the ‘Love Chances Series’ in order to appreciate the relations between many of these characters who already have a book of their own (either in the Love Chances Series or Love Notes Series).

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