A Holiday Read – Ribbon & Sky

As we enjoy the spirit of the holidays, I want to say ‘thank you’ (from the heart) to all my readers who continue to stick with me through thick and thin. This year has been a challenging one for us all, but I hope the end to 2021 and the roll in of 2022 will be accompanied by abundant health, prosperity, peace & love for us all!

To that end, here’s a humble offering ‘Ribbon & Sky’ – a Christmas short. Just dropped so be sure to check it out on Kindle (link below).

Ribbon & Sky: the blurb

Despite the vast distance that has separated their everyday, Lucy has felt tethered to Carter be it in a supernatural way. They’ve been in and out of love with each other for longer than either can remember or is willing to admit. But time is passing. They aren’t getting any younger. Months have turned to years long ago. Childhood friends, these two are now counting decades of on then off. That being said, it’s Christmas and feelings are riding high. Either way. Tie this thing up and commit or release it once and for all. Someting gotta give.

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