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… is a departure for me, in a shorts series which is playing on a fable theme (Book 1 ‘Before U Go’).  ‘Georgia Lights‘ is the second short story about mixed heritage, entrepreneurship, friendship, betrayal, family history, cultural geography and of course … love

This is the story of Georgia Ellis, a woman of mixed heritage, a professional milliner.  There is of course love in this story.  A fine-ass looking man lol, and temptation a-plenty.  But this is primarily a story of multiple identities and multiple contradictions.  Many hats.  The kind of hats we all wear some knowingly others unknowingly, some welcome, others unwelcome.  In ‘Georgia Lights’ I skirt some of these experiences within the bounds of fiction.  This short is a brief tell on the ways personal history and the hurts thereof imbue Georgia’s present – both for better and for worse.  This is therefore not a romance with a neat ending. Cause for Georgia, life isn’t like that. I hope you’ll enjoy! 

Georgia Lights: the blurb:

For up-and-coming modiste, Georgia Ellis, past experience with men has left her clear on one thing.
She hasn’t got time for that mess.
Having loved hard and left burned by betrayal; Georgia’s road hasn’t been easy.
But life is short and her flourishing millinery boutique in the heart of London has been a way out,
a source of constant joy.   A situation she thinks she’s cool with. 
That is until, a mystery man walks into her shop stirring all manner of trouble and a tidal wave of emotion.
A flicker of hope.  A flash of recognition.
A reminder of a deep love Georgia still longs to forget?
Georgia is about to learn sometimes the spark of the new gets revealed in the debris of the old.

The Playlist:

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