Monday poem

Where the heart is

The warmth of the sun

Unfolding and revealing

What is love?

Is it an opening?

An unconditional surrender?

A commitment to a simple possibility?

Or, a meeting of souls, intense and true?

Ownership is irrelevant

All that matters is a bond

A feeling that captivates

Rejecting fear and its potential to thwart

For, in giving an opening to love

Grace moulds a life anew

Love’s beauty offers warmth

A closeness, a haven of pleasure

Which, as two spirits intertwine and grow

Another knowable ‘you’ is becoming

Two forged together by the passing of time

Together despite their physical separateness

A love for the land

A love for the sky

A love for each other

Open and true

Becomes a ‘home’

Where the heart is

©L.S. Bergman 2013 (Edited)

Image Accred: L.S.Bergman

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