Sample Wednesday

Happy hump day everyone!! This week is flying, I tell you! But, I thought to do a teaser check-in on a Caribbean romance I released last year, partly ’cause I’m missing the beach vibe and can’t wait for summer lol and partly due to the fact that I’m working on the next in series. I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy!

Just Like You

(Love Chances Series Book 7)

BY THE TIME I get down to my usual spot, the sun is coming up from the underworld. The sky is awash with red, orange and indigo. The beach is empty and Morris’ beach hut is locked up tight. I figure I’ll get in my swim before any one turns up. There isn’t a jet-ski in sight, just the occasional faint bark of a dog. I plan to have a dip and then head home before my boy Moo or anybody else decides to make an appearance. I’m not counting on a long swim. It’s the first time, I’ve been back since the accident.

Dumping my stuff on the sand, I grab my gear and head out, willing my spirit to reclaim my normal.

The water is a touch cool. I wake up fast as I slide in. Any more procrastinating and the colder it will feel. I know myself. So I go for it. Soon, I’m stroking out. My freestyle feels like magic, like well honed muscle finally getting a flex. My body starts to relax. The peace is complete. Only the swish of water and the soft gurgle of my breathing. The fish are out, darting for food. Meandering quick trails through the majestic fans of coral bending with the sway of the tide. The sun’s rays hitting the surface of the water, steadily illuminates this underwater wonderland. My eyes can’t get enough.

Long beams of sunlight soon flood the seabed and time feels like it’s running away, so I pull up, and turn to swim back. I want to be quick.

I want to skedaddle well before the beach comes to life.

Dripping onto the sand, I walk back to my things, skipping over some Sargassum, seaweed which has washed in over night, leftovers from the monster seaweed attack earlier this year.

Freeing my mask and unclasping my hair, I make a note of what I plan to show Jacob today. He loves fish, so I want to take him to the Aquarium. I can’t wait for Christmas to come so I can give him the presents and start snorkelling with him. It’ll be fun.

Plopping down on the sand, I drop my things and start rummaging in my bag for some water and an apple.

It’s low tide, so there’s a gentle in and out lull. Nothing much is happening besides the wood doves cooing in the almond trees and the lazy bobbing of a swimming platform and glass bottom boat tethered out at sea. I plan to wait a bit longer to dry off. So, I pop in ear-buds to listen to my morning meditation music while at it, watching the rhythm of the waves, and feeling the warmth of the rising sun’s rays gently caress my skin.

With Buddhist bells and chanting chiming in my head, a peace transcends.

Just like the water, my soul grows calm.

Peacefully, I start to zone out … (until) …

Some movement to my immediate left grabs my attention.

I turn my head, and look towards the water sports hut, the same hut with the thick grove of aloe growing outside. The same hut I sat in when Morris was doing his best to patch me up.

My breath immediately catches, my heart ratcheting up to a throbbing tempo.

Oh man, for real?

My gaze swings away and high to the big-ass Cumulonimbus cloud passing over head.

Is this some kind of joke?

‘Cause right now, I honestly refuse to believe what blesses my eyes. It’s like dude is stalking me, and not stalking me, both at the same time. ‘Cause Abydos is there, as in ‘here’, raising the shutters on the front of Morris’ wooden house, propping up each bright red shutter one by one with long yellow sticks, while a large brown Labrador springs around his legs.

‘Just Like You’ © 2020 L. S. Bergman

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