Happy Valentine’s …

Wishing everyone a loved-up ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’! To celebrate, here’s a Sunday Sample from one of my WIPs, a sweet black romance which is turning into a full-length. I started out thinking short story and as often happens it balloons into so much more.

I hope you’ll enjoy, and if you’re looking for an adult black romance to read today, check out the link to my books below. Have a wonderful Sunday, beautiful people!


‘Untitled’ Work in Progress, A Sunday Sample

L.S. Bergman Books

“Thankfully, we were now alone, so she didn’t have to hold face. She was letting her guard down.

The moment felt stretched. But I was happy to let it be, leave the silence alone, to haunt us one more time, allowing my eyes to roam and feast, no lie, happy to savor the soft resonance of her sweet voice. It’d been too long. Too damn long. Countless nights of conjuring different scenarios in this playbook, unsure how this very moment, after countless replays sounding like familiar lullabies in my head, would come together, from many possibilities to this one sobering singularity.

Yeah, y’know, I always wanted to check this place out,” my smile broadened. “Seemed like the right time, if you know what I mean.”

“The right time, huh?” She bit her bottom lip, hiding half a smile.

I could feel her energy slipping in and out of mine, her aura pulsing, the tempo of my heart racing to suit. It’d been too long. Too damn long. There was a lassitude to our souls. So there was no stopping this. The inevitable. We were already entangled even if we were bad at admitting it, even if we’d tried, struggled, and failed to let each other be. Edie and I were already joined even if in this moment we had yet to touch.

It didn’t used to have to be this way, I thought, straightening my spine.

We were never shy of showing affection, of giving and receiving pleasure.

“I missed you,” I said, dipping my gaze with a frown.

An incredible release of energy flooded the space between us.

You did?” she gasped, and I couldn’t decipher whether she found it a crazy thing to generally miss somebody or to specifically be missing her. I didn’t find either option foolish.

Her breath hitched in her throat, a reflex which surfaced whenever Ed tended to get … excited.

“You know I did,” I said, unable to rein in my salacious gaze …

(Unedited Work In Progress © L. S. Bergman) #blackromance #blacklove #AfroCaribbean

A Sunday Read suggestion …

Before U Go, #blackromance #blackbritish my latest release, link below

Image Accred: Free Image @ Canva.com

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