A New Year, A New … Story

Happy Happy … New Year everybody!! I hope it was an enjoyable slide so far. I don’t think any of us were too sad to see 2020 bowing out, although, having said that, from a writing perspective, 2020 was very good to me.

Now, as we ease into 2021, I hope to have new offerings in store. I’m working on a few writing projects, all at different stages. I’m still deciding the release scheduling, and want to give myself time with that. My goal for this year, when it comes to my writing, is to embrace the flow, and one full-length still needs a lot more research to go into it, so I want to take my time with that until I get to the place where it feels right. All planned releases so far are going to be black romances. So stay tuned, updates coming soon.

Well, my lovelies, let’s keep in a positive groove for 2021 as I wish you health, peace, and love. I am so grateful for my readers and cannot thank you enough for riding with my work last year, the appreciation is heartfelt.

Here’s to a wonderful new year! Let’s get to it …

Peace & Love

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