Cover Reveal

So, this eBook should be dropping shortly, ‘Before U Go’. I decided to get the first part of this novel out there as a Christmas short as, although likely to become a full-length, I’m currently finishing a few other writing projects first. Anyway, I love Christmas and in the spirit of the season I always try to do something short and sweet for my readers, hence the decision to let this fly.

Carmen and Tray are an unorthodox and strong willed pairing … a great couple to write. I’m really looking forward to working on a possible full-length HEA. Until then though, I hope you can enjoy this introduction, and if you do … enjoy it, I mean … it would be so appreciated and wonderful if you could leave a short review.

Wow, so it’s Christmas in a few and Oh what a year it’s been! My wish is for a peaceful, healthy, prosperous and love-filled holiday season to end out this turbulent year, with that positive flow continuing into what I hope will be a very happy new year for all!! Merry Christmas!

Gratitude, Peace&Love


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