A Play on Words …

New Release

Tis the season … I can’t believe it! Christmas is just around the corner, the end of 2020 only a few weeks away. And I’ve got a few releases I’ve been working on. The first should be dropping shortly, entitled ‘Before U Go’, a short story, something sweet for the holidays. This will be the sixth short story in my Love Notes Series, and the third Christmas romance.

If you haven’t read the ‘Love Notes’ Series, as a reminder it isn’t necessary. In fact, it would probably be better to read my ‘Love Chances’ Series as context, first, as the former is a spin-off of the latter. While these shorts do also stand on their own, reading Love Chances would definitely augment the reading experience.

A play on words ….

Anyway, so here we are, Christmas is in the air, coming at the close of a tumultuous, be it, gut-wrenching year for this protagonist in particular. Yep, although this has been tough to write, I wanted to almost try a Christmas fairy tale romance, keeping it positive, fun and, of course, ‘loved-up’. That wasn’t an easy ‘ask’ however, seeing this one hit me hard in terms of both the subject matter touched upon and the plight of these characters. The subjects covered in this latest release have kept the pen fired-up for sure. ‘Before U Go’ has a lot of mirroring happening, for Carmen Drey nothing in her life has been particularly easy of late, and in the lead-up to Christmas it’s looking to get a whole lot worse. ‘Before U Go’ is a short, cozy, read, a sweet Afro-Caribbean romance set in London, the kind to mellow-out to as we get into the true ‘spirit’ of the season.

That being said, ‘before I let ‘you’ go’, I’d like to ‘thank you’ from the heart for continuing to read and review my work. Your enduring support has been amazing, especially this year which has been so hard on everyone, and I have nothing but gratitude. So, as we ease into the spirit of these holidays, I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and every blessing of ‘peace, love and happiness’ as we continue to keep it positive.

Before ‘U’ Go

Love Notes Book 6:


** A Christmas Short Story **

Carmen’s emotional wall has held firm, thus far. Positioned to mask long-standing vulnerability, she has managed to navigate life on her terms, despite never really feeling able to thrive

Tray Simmons has built a wall of a different kind, an urgent defense designed to tame his urges and ‘out’ certain emotional fires. Tray’s ‘women problems’ have been life-altering, of late.

For both strangers, their lows have been far outweighing life’s highs.

But destiny’s a funny thing. Its ways ‘possibly’ wily. Certainly a force to be reckoned with. It’s Christmas in a heartbeat, and just when the downs spell ‘out’, for Carmen and Tray, just … ‘maybe’ … this is a slide into something new.

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