Sample Wednesday

Today’s sample is from my book ‘Midnight Sons’ which I released back at the start of this summer. This is a realism romance split into two stories, something very different to what I’ve done before. As a writer, with this book, I felt the desire to keep growing and trying new things and see what happens. I loved this story. These characters were wonderful to explore and write. And, despite the book not fitting neatly into the romance genre, I like exploring new avenues of … keeping it real. I hope you’ll enjoy meeting Darius and Elia, an unconventional pair with a deep love on the mind. If you do want to check it out and support my work, the link is below. It would also be awesome if you could leave a short review. As an Independent writer reviews are everything and your support would be greatly appreciated.



Midnight Sons: A Novel

Like me, she probably had one hell of a long story to tell. Maybe her story would be less shocking, maybe more so than mine. I couldn’t tell. Each and every one of us has different capacities when it comes to receiving and inflicting pain, I’d decided, having wised-up to that truth real quick. So, yeah, I wasn’t judging her game, whatever it was.

“You got some sort of problem?” her raspy voice pierced my mental fog.

I couldn’t believe I was still standing there, ogling this chick. Blatantly staring.

I shook my head. I was trying to string a sensible sentence together but I got caught by those eyes. In the low lamp-light which was still on, the brilliant green of her irises totally threw me.

Umm … I apologize …,” I stammered, tongue-tied. Nope, my roll wasn’t cool, but I had no clue what to say.

The girl seemed to enjoy the effect she was having though. A slow smile cracked the corner of her mouth, edging wider until her whole face switched-on. It was the darndest thing, but for a chick who looked reasonably attractive before, she’d gone to stellar beautiful in two seconds flat.

Aww … that’s real sweet. Don’t apologize, love. Believe me, I have absolutely no objection to you watching me eat.”

‘Sweet?’ I couldn’t explain it, but I felt unsteady. Shaking my head, and bluffing a smile, I retreated. I didn’t even know what to say, but I sure recognized that a woman with that kind of power over a man was a dangerous thing. My heart pained at that memory. Never again, I’d promised myself, happy to keep my distance.

I definitely wanted her gone now.

I chuckled. It sounded more uncomfortable than relaxed. “Nah, I’ma let you eat. You mind if I lock the doors though. I’ve been tryin’ to close-up.”

“No problem at all,” she said, her smile widening to a salacious grin.

‘What was with this chick?’ Did she think I was wanting to make a play? ‘Definitely not.’ The only thing I wanted was to throw in the towel for the night by getting everything in order to carry my tired ass home ….

I was aiming to do it quietly too. I knew how Joe operated. He went upstairs pretty early these days, leaving the restaurant in my ‘capable hands’, according to him.

Joe and his ‘lady’ Celine still occupied the flat above the restaurant. When it got anywhere near midnight, I tried to close-up shop quietly. Any rowdiness, which was not out of the normal on football nights when Arsenal was playing, I tried to deal with quickly, but there had been the odd occasion where things ‘had’ gotten out of control and Joe had come down wielding his baseball bat.

Picture this.

An old man with a wiry grey afro, white vest and stripped cotton pyjama bottoms with leather slippers, swinging a ‘baseball bat’. His expression was enough to make any normal dude run, his Jamaican patois raining down like hot fire, cursing them out was some eruptive kinda shit.

(Midnight Sons©L.S. Bergman 2020) Continue reading …

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