Summer heat and Writing Breaks

Although it feels good to be back writing, it also feels different, more focused and flowing. Every year we unplug totally as a family for a while, a feat which always feels impossible in this high-tech age until it’s done lol. Given the state of the news and the unprecedented events of this year, however, this summer was the first time I was truly relieved to just get away and reflect … deeply a while.

I excused my clocking-out as a bid not to ‘escape‘ per se but to re-centre and, in doing so, protect my energy, and cleanse my mental diet for a few. Absorbing reels of painful images and heartbreaking stories day in and day out through the media delivers a level of toxicity to the system you don’t even question until you do. I think we’ve all been through so much awful news lately, it has triggered feelings of despair and certainly makes you teeter on the edge of never-ending negative thinking patterns.

The one thing I know, personally speaking, is I can’t achieve anything from desperate reactionary positions. I’m usually pretty easy-going and up-beat, but 2020 has been tough on us all! And if the vibration is off and heavy, it only tends to attract more of the same. Frustration or anger are like weights that weigh, they hold you down and also make it easier to procrastinate amid the shadowy impossibility in seeing ways forward.

This is how I know this time out was important.

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching. Along with broadening my reading list, and drawing up schedules of tasks – I’m a person who loves their lists lol (so that was the easy part) – I’ve also been researching ways in which I can engage perhaps ‘differently’ with issues I care passionately about. This process is on-going but it felt good not writing for a few, and sparking new ideas. Yep, that’s right. For the first time since I dunno whenwell, since I can remember, I didn’t do so much … writing. It wasn’t writer’s block. This was a conscious decision to clear my head, which was already crowded with traveling and the books I’m currently in the middle of. I did a lot of talking, making time and re-connecting and appreciating people and places I care so much about, and most of all … I spent a lot of time … listening.

But, it wasn’t easy … not writing, that is.

As every writer knows, the creative process doesn’t quit. New characters kept knocking, and popping into my head. My first feeling was to immediately get busy. But I didn’t, the inner voice said … chill. So I chose other things instead … my yoga, maybe meditation, maybe reading, spending time with loved ones and concentrating on the adventures of that day etc. What was interesting was, the books forming in my mind wouldn’t let me be. The creative process continued unabated, despite my determination to stick to my time-out. The characters had taken on a will of their own.

That being said, during that time, I decided to play with each character and plot forming, like a movie. And, the freedom felt amazing. The energy boost from doing all of the ‘other’ summer stuff was also incredible, and something I can only but recommend.

So now, coming back to my desk re-charged, all I wanna do is get it all down. All of it, lol.

Now, with newfound clarity, yep, all I wanna do is … write.

If you’ve been writing this summer, whether the process has been bumpy or smooth, feel free to share how it’s been going and any methods or experiences which have been particularly helpful. I’d love to hear your news.

Peace & Love


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