Separate, a dystopian dialogue

In a future world where commitment, and love tests all you’ve got

Theia has gambled on Jay

Two lovers,


but ‘One’

Separate‘ is my latest offering, which is something very different. I say this, just as warning, for those readers grown accustomed to my realism romance novels. ‘Separate’ is not one of those fully fleshed out stories with a traditional HEA. This short is best described as a dystopian interlude, a dialogue between two lovers, set a hundred and then some years into earth’s future. This is not a traditional romance, but it has sexy bits and a romantic theme. Quite honestly, I don’t know how best to describe it, other than that it’s a series of messages traveling between two lovers at a troubled time in a fictitious future scenario. Part fantasy, part possibility, all I do hope is that this world does not play out. That the tendencies and structures described here are, by some stroke of luck, given a more positive, inclusive utopian slant. But then, that wouldn’t be dystopian, which this short definitely is. So, I hope you’ll allow me this brief diversion into another genre, and take a journey into a troubled imaginary world. But don’t worry. Next up, is something altogether my usual. A full-length love story, set in London.

Anyway, my lovelies, if you’re up for something a little different? Check out ‘Separate‘, a dystopian #blackromance interlude. Live shortly …

Peace & Love


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