A Throwback Tuesday Teaser

Here’s a throwback Tuesday teaser to … ‘Soul Love’, a book that kicked-off my Indie writing journey. It’s a full-length romance, set in LA and London … the story of a rapper turned film star, Spade, and his journey to love. Here we tune into the moment things get super real for his soulmate, Alma …

Soul Love:

Book 1 in the ‘Soul Love’ Series

Blimey, how could I not have realized?

She cursed, continuing to caress her stomach, gently, lovingly.

As Dr Jacobs had explained, her periods had never been regular enough to estimate ovulation accurately, that had been the big challenge way back when she’d been married to Adrian. Still, her ovaries and uterus looked tip-top. That was the good news. But, twins … this was more than a curve ball. This was earth shattering. The axis of Alma’s world had literally tilted.

There was no easy way to get used to something like this either. The news still didn’t feel real.

She’d been spinning the word in her head like a propeller and it’d only made her feel more ill. It was too overwhelming.

What the hell do I tell Spade? And there was that too.

Swiping at the tears with the back of her hands, Alma went over to her chest of drawers. In the dimly lit room, she felt more than chose a pair of old warm, terry toweling, white pajama pants with a matching long-sleeved top.

The warn, soft fabric felt soothing as she slipped both pieces on, stifling another sob.

Scooping her hair up, and finishing her protective style with a hair tie, her gaze cast low and a slight twinkle startled her.

It was the silvery spine of her thick old journal peeking out from underneath her neatly stacked folds of lingerie. Alma’s breath caught, her hands starting to shake as she tentatively reached for the book, taking it out of its layer, where she’d placed it a while back. Her heart started to race, as she slid the silver pencil from the side holder, absorbing the comforting feel of the thick soft leather binding, the slightly dank smell of the fluttering pages.

Taking a deep breath, Alma placed it on the top of the chest of drawers and turned to her last entry.

Her head and heart were throbbing, her eyes so watery, the words were blurring on the page, as she read through it.

Then, taking the pencil in her hand, she decided, it was time to end the sentence.

I’ve found him … my someone to love, my missing part, my soulmate.

And he’s the most beautiful man. The man of my dreams.

P.S. He’s also the father of my children. Yep, you heard it. I’m expecting.

Soul Love, Book 1 in Series,

Available at Amazon …

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