Love Notes

This collection, of previously released short love stories, is an anthology that has been really fun to write. Each woman has offered some measure of inspiration. From Gio, and Kimberly to Dora, Astrid and Reena, each of these female protagonists are exceptionally bold, strong women. I’ve also added a, as yet unpublished, short excerpt at the end. As a writer you start projects and see where they lead, and I’m not sure where this last short ‘So wattchu know ’bout love?‘ will journey. So, stay tuned.

In any case, the benefit of this compilation is it offers the reader the entire ‘Love Notes’ series in one.

A series which came as a spin-off to my Love Chances collection of books. Many of the characters in these shorts are also featured in the full-length Love Chances Series. The network of ties run deep LOL. So, be sure to check them all out!

But for now, I hope that if you haven’t read any of my shorts series, you’ll enjoy this journey,

enjoy meeting six very different, but equally amazing women, in six short stories.

And for reading? May I say ‘Humble Thanks!’

Peace & Love


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