Cover Reveal …

A Private Fire

A Love Notes Short

Reena Dristlan has reached professional heights she never even believed were possible. Beautiful beyond measure, Ree has blossomed into a darling of the catwalk. One lucky break, after a rushed move to Paris, and her career has soared, her image perfectly constructed, her execution of ‘said’ image … flawless.

Such success should’ve made Ree happy. She has accomplished every goal on a long bucket list she’d set herself, back in her fashion Vlogging days, putting all her career doubts to rest.

Except Ree is still battling other ghosts in her head,

feelings of emptiness, and issues of vulnerability …

when … one bold move coincides with

a certain dude’s dreams coming true.

When Rex Tallun decided to keep turning up in Ree’s life, it’s because he’s a man on a mission.

A mission to right a series of recent wrongs and, hopefully

resurrect a beautiful woman’s happiness

and, by doing so,

his own.

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