Just Like You …

This full-length is next up in the ‘Love Chances’ Series. ‘Just Like You’ is Book 7 and it’s Anya Parker’s journey to love.


For those reader’s who remember Anya from ‘Second Chances’ , ‘The Promise’ or ‘One Week’, Anya Parker is now very much grown and has struck out on her own. Just like her famous musician father, she’s pretty fearless, and strong-willed, confidently enjoying being young and fancy free.

Having started a successful lifestyle Vlog with friends in London, Anya has embarked upon a global adventure, seeing it as time to chill, a time-out from the big city hectic.

To that end, Anya ‘Parker’ has dropped the famous last name, in preference for a more incognito take on life, no matter how temporary, a life away from the media hounds, all that incessant family scrutiny and hype.

Revisiting her family’s roots in the Caribbean felt like a destined first stop.

To that end, things couldn’t be going better. The business angle is flying, the island-life couldn’t be any sweeter, in fact, the only downside has been the lack of any relationship stability. Dudes tend to come and dudes tend to … go, in Anya’s world.

Sign of the times?

Or, time for introspection, time to take a hard look at herself.

Anya’s been OK with her youthful sitting on the fence where men are concerned, however unimpressed and unattached she often feels. But all of that is about to change.

Her recent spell of relationship flimsy is about to be changed for good by some commitment solid, the day a certain quirky dude, by the name of Abydos Nair, comes tumbling into her life.

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