Sample Sunday

Today’s Sample excerpt is from my #NewRelease, a Christmas short which just dropped entitled ‘Coffee Blues‘. This is something short and sweet for the Season. For those of you familiar with my ‘Love Chances’ Series, this is Astrid’s tentative chance at love. She’s the carefree, a touch wild-out, baby of the family. But,

When it’s Christmas and life lately
has been more bitter than sweet,
A cup of coffee feels like a great idea
Except, Astrid Simmons has no clue
That this one coffee stop
is about to change her life
For good

‘Coffee Blues’, Love Notes Series no.4 is a #blackromance, with an intense slice of time, a short Christmas stop in Astrid’s life when she stumbles upon her love of a lifetime.

Coffee Blues‘ is an eBook, available via #Kindle and #Free with #KindleUnlimited

I hope you’ll enjoy this Sunday Sample.

Peace & Love, with all the blessings of the Season,


Coffee Blues

“The man of every moment, of every season and most of her dreams of late, had come over of his own volition. The only dude, in a team of two.  The only one Astrid cared to talk to. He was smiling, angled into her space, keen for her to order.  So, Astrid winged it.

“Yeah, so could I please have a decaf fair trade coffee with low-fat almond milk, a lush foamy head, with a dash of cinnamon and soma dat nutmeg sprinkle thingy?  Umm … Thank you.” She flipped her long disheveled mane over to the other shoulder.

The sweet chuckle escaping his lips was reward enough, the sparkle of laughter reaching his eyes. The man was playfully gorgeous. Tall, defined, some sweet dark skin wrapped in black jeans and the standard LCH coffee-logoed sweatshirt. Astrid was already tripping back to what his triceps must’ve looked like in summer, when the uniform was a simple ‘T’.  Except she hadn’t been around to feast. She’d been kicking it Stateside these last couple years with a dude who simply paled in comparison to Mr Hotness here. 

If Santa feels generous, he could wrap this one up and tuck ‘im under my tree’, Astrid tilted her head with a smile, savouring her horny thought.  There was already something in the way his black beanie bounced with the amused bob of his head that had her thighs clenching tight.  Subliminally, he was already nodding ‘yes’.  Except, nothing in Astrid’s universe was that easy or reasonable to predict. Of late, everything felt downright impossible. ‘Coffee Blues’© L.S. Bergman 2019

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