A Sunday Teaser

Today’s Teaser is from my current WIP, one of the books I’ve been working on over the summer. It’s supposed to be a ‘short‘, but I’m not finished yet, so … let’s just see how it pans out!

Next up for the #LoveChancesSeries #LoveNotesSeries is going to be some ‘young-adult’ love, Anya’s story (still ‘Untitled’ & in Editing). Yep, Keith and Dawn’s second child. Except, Anya is not a child anymore. She has struck out on her own in all senses of the word. This is a ‘like father, like daughter’ scenario. For those of you familiar with Keith Parker, (The Promise: Tactics of Love) Book 3 in the Love Chances Series, his daughter is made from similar cloth. Anya is both headstrong, and independent, but also full of passion and unafraid to show it.

I don’t yet have a release date for this one, as I’m also working on other projects, but bear with me. I’ll hopefully have this ready for 2019, a year which has been so full-on crazy (geez) it boggles my mind how much. Anyway, my lovelies, like I said, this will be coming attcha soon~ish! Keep you posted, and humble thanks for your support,

Peace, Love & Blessings


Home. I release a sigh, flicking my nails, feeling the uneven chipped surface, absorbing the pensive mood that’s crept up on me. Something else I have to deal with. ‘I mean, mum’s actually coming down‘, and she’s like Ree, the most together woman I know in terms of ‘knowing‘ what she’s about. Beautiful inside and out, even though Ree’s still working on the inside part, ‘anyways … I still gotta fix this manicure‘ … I muse, listening to engines revving near to the shore. Reena’s laughter fills the air, and I know she’s flirting. Probably with that hot dude from yesterday. She was dying for him to turn-up again. They’re having a ‘thing’. That’s why we had to come back to the exact same spot wearing the new kicks that came in this week.

Reena borrowed one of my designer bikinis, the skimpiest number I own, more strap than cloth. Red. Sequined. In your face. My girl is on a mission, ‘I tell you.’ I have to smirk.

I’ve watched her oil-up until her deep mahogany skin positively glistens like the sweetest dark chocolate. She looks hot, but I don’t have to tell her that. Ree knows what she’s working with. You put Ree in front a camera, and the lens literally bends and pops to suit.

“Hey,” I jump as cold sprinkles of water hit my boiling belly. “Stop that shit, Ree. Enough already.” Beachlife, I crack my lids. The sun is still blinding, so I shift onto my tummy. My bikini bottom is lodged in my ass crack, but I’m too arsed to do anything about it. Funny that. I shield my eyes with one hand to peep back at the testosterone lay of the land.

“Come on, babes, fast … where’s the zippy bag. We gotta lock-up keys, money and phone ’cause we got us a ride. Come on already, get up.” Ree’s sing-song gets on my nerves. I’ve already figured what this is about.

Yep, just as I thought. Hot dude is here, along with good-looking friend.

Hmmm, nice one. I groan, shifting on my side and reaching for my shades, before eventually dragging my lazybones up to seated in lotus. “So where we goin’?”

“Up the coast and back,” Ree grunts, her mouth full of a scrunchy and a clip as she twists-up all her kinky mane.

“But, I thought you wanted dude … alone?”

“I do. But his friend wants …

(© L.S. Bergman)

As mentioned Keith’s story is ‘The Promise: Tactics of Love’, available #Free with Kindle Unlimited …

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