A Monday Sample

Here’s an excerpt from my #Newrelease ‘Rhythm to Love’. This is Dora’s blast from the relationship past, a past tainted with regret, and feelings of unworthiness. But look who has come-up smelling like roses though lol… Check out ‘Rhythm to Love’ the third installment in the ‘Love Notes’ Series of shorts #Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Rhythm to Love:

“Listen, Paul. I … can’t …”

“Do this?”

Yeah,” I whispered in defeat. The molten vibes zipping between us felt magnetic though, the pull so strong it took everything in me to stay planted where I was, let alone think about the line I was crossing where Vince was concerned. Memory of the spontaneous kiss on the beach was fogging my head, the sensation feeling too good for words.

“But you can’t deny feeling it?” his baritone sunken, seductive.

I shook my head, the throbbing of the space between my legs matching the tingling of every other orifice on my body. Of course I felt it.

The longer I stood there, my eyes fixed on our brown, swirling fingers, watching him turn to my chunky ring on my middle finger and show it similar attention … the longer it felt illicit, like I was going behind Vince’s back, that I was complicit in something far greater than what I’d actually been aware of.

Taking hold of my senses, I gently pulled my hand free, but he caught me, tugging me to him. I was already so wobbly, with little effort I landed square against his chest.

The relief was evident in my breath. I inhaled, deep and long. His sweet musk of his cologne lulled my eyes shut, weakening me further, as his arms enveloped me in a strong embrace. Instinctively, I held him, and just that small action of surrender lent relief to our surreal reconnection.

Yes, there were still feelings here. First love kinda feelings.

“I wish I hadn’t screwed us up, D.”

“Well, you did,” I croaked, my voice slightly muffled by the fabric of his fresh-smelling polo shirt, my heart pulsing strong in my chest.

“I did,” he nodded, his stubble tickling the shell of my ear. “And, I’ve regretted it every moment since. ‘Cause, no other woman even came close.”

“Some bullshit!”

He chuckled, the sound echoing against the ear I had resting on his chest. “Why would I lie? After all these years? Why would I lie?

“Could be many reasons. Nostalgia. The fact that I’m no longer a pass over. That you hard-up and ain’t had any in a while.”

He chuckled again, and my core trembled. “OK, I admit, you’re kinda correct on all three scores. But I have one contention. I never saw you as no pass over. I hated screwing up. For not guarding what we had, for being stupid and reckless. You were my girl and my immature ass didn’t deserve you. And now? I admit, your success is daunting, but I’m proud of you D? You did real good. Real good.”

“So, I guess, it’s being hard-up that sways the argument.”

He pulled back, locking eyes with mine.

“True. I haven’t been with a woman in a while. Been abstaining, and horny as shite. Let me tell yuh someting, dating is rough these days. And the younger they come … just ain’t doin’ nothing for my ‘lil man long term. It’s just sex,” he smiled. “Too young and girly. So I closed shop for a while, ’cause … I wanna real woman, not some catwalk standard. I want the whole package.”

I snorted out a laugh, turning to the side, gnawing on my bottom lip.

“Women like you don’t come along no more,” he continued, using his thumb and index finger to turn my head to face him. Damn. “That’s the truth.”

“The truth, huh?” I said, aware that his mouth was dangerously close to mine, again, and our breaths were mingling.

Yeah, truth,” he replied, brushing his full lips over mine.

“Not fair,” I said, feeling light-headed.

“Very few things in life are …” he chuckled, doing the same things again.

Rhythm to Love© 2019 L. S. Bergman

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