New Release

A ‘Love Notes’ Novella

Another Short Story, Book 3

There are seasons to life, like there’s a’rhythm to love’.

Lately, for Dora Walker, the patterns of both life and love have left her a freakin’ mess.

She’d trusted ‘life’ once, thought she’d found her ‘one and only’, twice over already.

Both men ended-up breaking her heart, and scarring her for life.

That’s why Dora has settled for a relationship that ‘feels’ solid, despite being loosely defined.

Vincent Blass isn’t however deterred by Dora’s irresolute ways.

He’s invested. In it for the long haul.

He’s sufficiently sure he’s tuned into Dora’s vibe, taken the time to figure out the sensual resonance throbbing her core, confident he can hold her down, secure in his ability to satisfy needs.

Vince is all in, and far ahead, ready to give Dora his all, ready to find ‘their’ way.

Determined that, irrespective of the bumps or the time invested,

he may not have been Dora’s first,

but he’s sticking around, ’cause he’s damn well planning to be

her last.

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