Just dropped …

Soul Love

**Soul Love is a complete re-edit of previously released material.

It combines book 1 and book 2 in the Soul Love Series, but, also builds on those books with substantial new content. It is now a fully-fleshed out realism romance novel.**

Meeting ‘the one’,

A soulmate,

‘Straight out of the blue like that’.

This counts as a whole other league of ‘unexpected’.

A realm of ‘realness’ that shakes you to the core.

The kind of crazy love you’ve never anticipated, or felt ‘ever’.

The kind of love that cuts so deep it makes damn well sure you’ll never feel such intensity again.

The kind of love that’s a force, too strong to control.

Compulsive and unpredictable.

Not playing by any set rules.

This kind of love is never what you planned.

A celebrity icon with a turbulent past.

An introverted career woman with emotional baggage a-plenty to unpack.

Alma can give a thousand reasons why their commitment ‘can’t’ work.

Spade prefers to talk-up the stuff that ‘can’.

#Free with Kindle Unlimited, click on link below,

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