A Double Release

Five years ago, I started this Indie writing journey. I’d just finished writing my first ‘Soul Love’ series when my mum passed. It was sudden, and a crazy sad time for me, not to mention the stress of going back and forth to the Caribbean from Europe. Anyway my writing really was there for me, and I wanted to push ahead with the series, kept writing it but couldn’t really go back to book 1 & book 2. I don’t know why, at the time it felt too hard to re-edit it with all of the pictures in my head. I wrote a lot of it at the hospital. So, anyway, this year, I felt ready … ready to go back and set it straight or straighter lol. I was already cringing at the naivety of having released basically a first draft. Enough deluded eagerness. I knew I’d failed to give of my best.

Fast-forwarding to today, and a lot of writing growth later, but still believing in the original story. Here’s a ‘do-over’, a complete re-edit and a fully-fleshed-out novel. Two novellas now in one book. Soul Love. A book and a series I still love, irrespective of the bumpy self-pub start.

Soul Love is a total re-edit so it also feels like a different book. There’s tonnes of new material to add depth to the love story between Alma and Spade. It felt good to finally go back to my notes of five years ago and put down all of the character traits I knew these two had to offer each other.

So, I offer you something OLD but also something NEW

‘Rhythm to Love’ is my new offering in my Love Notes Series of shorts.

Dora is from everywhere and nowhere. This is ‘not’ a full length and it’s ‘not’ a traditional romance. This is a weekend getaway story of a woman in serious crisis. These short story possibilites are exploratory, even if I also love the rigour of the long novel. I equally appreciate trying different things out. Dora’s short is to be read as an intense ‘slice of time’, a fast-paced series of encounters, a whirlwind of ‘trouble’, which is what this ‘Love Notes’ Series is all about.

Dora is a strong-ass woman whose armor has been steadily holding her back from seeing what’s right in front of her eyes. Career-wise, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her personal life hasn’t been quite as manageable. Now, out of the blue, she’s thrown into mourning. Right then and there, she starts messing-up. Big time.


Soul Love

Soul Love Series Book. 1

Meeting ‘the one’,

A soulmate … ‘Straight out of the blue like that’.

This counts as a whole other league of ‘unexpected’. A realm of ‘realness’ that shakes you to the core. The kind of crazy love you’ve never anticipated, or felt ‘ever’. The kind of love that cuts so deep it makes damn well sure you’ll never feel such intensity again.

The kind of love that’s a force, too strong to control.

Compulsive and unpredictable. Not playing by any set rules.

This kind of love is never what you planned.

A celebrity icon with a turbulent past. An introverted career woman with emotional baggage a-plenty to unpack. Alma can give a thousand reasons why their commitment ‘can’t’ work.

Spade prefers to talk-up the stuff that ‘can’.

‘Rhythm to Love’

A ‘Love Notes’ Novella

Another Short Story, Book 3

There are seasons to life, like there’s a’rhythm to love’.

Lately, for Dora Walker, the patterns of both life and love have left her a freakin’ mess. She’d trusted ‘life’ once, thought she’d found her ‘one and only’, twice over already.

Both men ended-up breaking her heart, and scarring her for life.

That’s why Dora has settled for a relationship that ‘feels’ solid, despite being loosely defined.

Vincent Blass isn’t however deterred by Dora’s irresolute ways. He’s invested. In it for the long haul.

He’s sufficiently sure he’s tuned into Dora’s vibe, taken the time to figure out the sensual resonance throbbing her core, confident he can hold her down, secure in his ability to satisfy needs.

Vince is all in, and far ahead, ready to give Dora his all, ready to find ‘their’ way.

Determined that, irrespective of the bumps or the time invested,

he may not have been Dora’s first,

but he’s sticking around, ’cause he’s damn well planning to be

her last.

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