Work in Progress

Some ‘young adult’ I’ve been working on …

Finding time to catch-up with my reading at the moment, but I’m also loving writing Anya’s story. I’ve been really into two other full-lengths, but had this inspiring moment spring-up on me. So, Anya has come full-center. She’s Keith Parker’s daughter, from the ‘Love Chances Series’, but she has now become a young woman with a very strong will ( a real chip off the old block lol). This love vibe she has stumbled upon, and the ideas feel so different. It really caught my flow and has me super excited … here’s a snippet. Mystery dude will be revealed in due course don’t worry 😉

“I make a move to shift up to seated.

He murmurs something, or maybe it’s just a sigh. I’m still not thinking straight.

I look across at him.

I watch him stretch, drawing one knee to his chest, still eased back. He smiles, or half-smiles, looking like he too is coming around from that ‘somewhere else’.

I release a yawn, gradually tuning back in.

There are a few stars already peeping out overhead. They’re so pretty, twinkling like tiny diamonds above the rumble of ocean.

I roll my neck out. His lazy lids lower a tick more, watching me. His gaze claims mine. My skin prickles. My heart races, loud enough for both of us to hear. He leans to me some more. My breathing falters, the easy intake feels arduous. I’m so scared right now, my core trembles, that’s how transfixed I feel. It’s the strangest thing. The surge of our own tide. His energy mingling with mine. We aren’t just having a ‘moment’. This feels like something else entirely. Something new. We’re both processing the novelty of whatever the heck this is, but we’re also fighting it … hard.”
Un-Edited Work In Progress © 2019 L. S. Bergman

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