Work in Progress …

This year started like a whirlwind and hasn’t let up. I had to structure my time tightly, and, seeing that my writing schedule wasn’t going to take a cut (no way lol), decided to take a half-year hiatus. I anticipated 2019 was going to be tough, seeing the work line-up, the travel commitments and family needs.

So, I decided to concentrate on the craft and the family, seeing it as a chance for growth.

Having said that, I hope to be rolling out a new release for summer along with a re-release project I’ve been working on.

Having the chance to focus purely on the writing has been liberating and super exciting. I am currently working on multiple projects and enjoying every step of the way.

One of those projects is Dora Walker’s story.

As my readers may remember, Dora first pops up in ‘The Promise’ as Keith Parker’s and Soul&Ice’s no holds barred manager. Dora is a tough cookie, a brilliant strategist with a heart of gold. Her brave rise has been one of heartbreak to high-life. It is a diasporic journey, compelling yet riddled with imperfection. For those of you who’ve read the rest of the ‘Love Chances Series’, Dora’s story is embedded in many of the previous character’s lustrous careers.

I hope you’ll enjoy this Teaser. There are a few familiar characters, I’m sure you’ll recognize. Yep, they’ll be making a showing lol …

More coming soon.

Until then, Peace and Love,


Work In Progress (Editing for Summer Release):

I WAS STILL up in those feelings, ruminating, when Kimberly stepped out onto the terrace, tablets in hand, mine and hers, ready to get down to business. Dressed in short blue dungarees, and a white T shirt, black flip-flops on her feet; she looked at least relaxed, a far cry from our last run-in

“Hey,” she said, pulling-up a chair.

“Hey yo’self. Feeling better?”

“Yes, much. Thank you.” She said rubbing the back of her neck.

“Well, I’ve spoken to some of the fellas. Everyone is over-the-moon with the welcome. So, well done girl.” I watched her blush to a darker hue.

“What a relief?” she giggled, a sound that exuded innocence and showed me, once again, how damn young she was. Or rather, how much I older I was. Sigh.

“I got those gift baskets for the rooms,” she continued, one manicured finger tapping pointedly at the screen. Kimberly was big on lists, a real planner. I was grateful for that, seeing that, these days, I preferred the deal-making to the minutae of execution. My team was solid. They had things under control.

“I also organised the jetski dude to take Jarek out as instructed. Hooked up Dominic with the trainer at the gym. Sorted the rooms for all of the security and entourage.”

“You mean Domenico,” I teased. To everyone, he was just Def D, the one and only. It was funny, everyone was either unfamiliar with his real name or just kept getting it wrong.

Yeah, sorry,” she grimaced playfully. “His wife, Evon, is being pampered at the Spa, and they came sans kid so things are surprisingly low-key in terms of the amount of entourage action.”

I smiled. Def wasn’t sure what Evon wanted to do. Whether she was going to bring their son or not. Seeing she was only on the ground until Tuesday, it seems they decided to leave him in Brooklyn with Grandma.

“I heard. Evon and I spoke. So how’s it looking with rehearsals for tomorrow?”

“The stage crew seem confident everything is gonna be ready by early afternoon. Ricky gave me his word. Shenelle is gonna give Jarek, Evon and Def the run-through later, just before we meet for dinner … and we’re going to drive them around tomorrow, show them the route, in’it.”

I nodded. “Umm … about tomorrow. Do you need me for that?”

Kimberly cocked a brow, if surprise had a face that was it. I know I liked to be hands on to check out the lay of the land, but after the events of my day so far, I was happy to take a time-out.

“No … not really. I mean, I think I can handle it.” I could see the questions in her eyes.

“I know you can, Kimberly. You’ve been doing great. It’s just someone invited me out for lunch, an old school friend, a blast from the past … and I kinda said I’d go.”

Ohh, that sounds great, Dora? Yes, you have to go …

(Work In Progress, © L.S. Bergman 2019)

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