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Been here tripping down memory lane with my current writing, and decided to do a few eBook giveaways, as it’s the start of spring and I love some of these characters and want to share them with you! Reason enough, right? lol

I’ve been also doing a lot of checking back in the series (re-reads), especially with certain characters, ‘cos it has been a while and sometimes you gotta check back in, in order to move forward.

Been catching-up on a fair set of reading as well, choosing what is coming on the TBR list for my upcoming trips. Next up is Kennedy Ryan’s latest (I cannot wait … yay!) and a Nigerian author recommendation from a close friend, which I look forward to checking out. So, the usual, a mix of romance and other genres.

Anyway, be sure to check out ‘One Week’, #free #today (March 30) … I still love these two, and hope you do as well … here’s some young loving for yuh … Paula and Rob … enjoy!

Peace and Love.


Teaser Excerpt: ‘One Week’

“Slamming the door shut, Paula locked it, stripping before heading into the shower, happy when the spray falling on her face distracted her from the other wetness of fresh tears.

She took her time, until the sound of banging on the bathroom door had her slamming off the jets.


“We need to talk.”

“I think we’ve talked enough for this hot minute,” she barked, snatching a white towel from the neat pile and wrapping it around her frame.

His knocking didn’t let up, “please, Paula? Please can you get your stubborn ass out here?”

Shuffling to the door, she unlocked it and flung it open, not expecting to see Rob towering over her, his body filling the doorjamb, with his hands resting on the overhead rim.

“Let me get a few things straight,” he said, stepping forward and pushing her softly back into the steamy room, until her butt collided with the vanity cabinet. “You aren’t any fill-in or second choice, a’ight? Because you have no idea what I’m feeling right now, and how what I felt for Petra doesn’t even come close,” he said, lifting her to sit on top of the cabinet. “Yes, running into you on Sunday was unexpected. Feeling those sparks between us fly was … unexpected. Shit, P … I didn’t plan any of this, but I know how I feel right now.”

Paula closed her mouth, not attempting a word.

“You ever heard of providence, P? The feeling when some event happens or someone special comes into your life and you know it’s a turning point. Well you kidnapped the shit out of my heart last Sunday, the whole day Monday and where we at now?”

“Tuesday,” Paula filled-in.

“I know it’s fast. You don’t have to tell me. I’ve been absent from my life these last couple days. My friends been askin’. …

One Week © 2017 L. S. Bergman

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