Happy Valentine’s!

How about a love getaway, a moment of distraction, some fun … I’m offering, a little ‘taste’, of the Valentine’s spirit! Here are a few interludes from my books, some lust and a lot of love.

‘Cos love is what makes my writing tick. #IWriteMulticulturalRomance

I hope you’ll enjoy, and, …oh yeah, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’! Lx

First up is …

Lucid Dreaming … A ‘Kiss’

Jules ain’t easy lol … Aaron has no idea what he’s in for. Believe me sorting out a first kiss is the least of his worries when it comes to this trouble soul …

“I don’t think we’re looking for the same things,” she croaked, through panted breath. “I’m probably not worth the bother.” He could hear her attempt to sound frivolous.

Aaron’s eyes flashed wide, and he pulled back.

‘Not in his eyes’. He hated hearing that kind of self-deprecating shit. It made him feel angry and possessive at the same time. Angry about the multifarious crap that had led her to think so little of herself, like she was some shop-soiled commodity, some insignificant piece of ass.

“Baby, I don’t want to hear you say that kind of shit ever again alright,” his gruff baritone reverberating against the shell of her ear. “You hear me?” No one should be disposed to think like that.

Jules nodded, her chest heaving, tears welling-up in her eyes, as she looked away, thankful for his inability to see them fall. Wiping her face with the back of her hand, Jules could sense Aaron’s goodness, and she couldn’t get over the feeling she didn’t deserve him.

Leaning back resignedly against his chest once more, her sense of unworthiness still covering her like a shroud, she couldn’t bring her gaze to meet his. Jules didn’t want him to see her cry. She couldn’t let him in, to see the depth of her repentance for her bumpy path, even if she secretly longed to, to get it all out, if only to share the weight of what she’d carried around everyday on her shoulders.

“I feel you, Jules, I mean, I really feel you. I feel your worth,” he said, angling her face to the side and up to meet his.

Their mouths were so close, Jules was thrown back to the verge of panic.

She could feel his warm breath wafting against her lips in sensual waves just like the previous night. God, I want to kiss you. Her eyelids fluttered, as a revealing tear streamed from her eye. Sex, no kissing, remember? This had been her new rule. Kissing was too intimate. She grew attached.

Kissing means remembering, remembering means longing to do it again, and wanting to do it again with him. The slippery slope into a ‘relationship’.

But how was she going to explain this to Aaron?

Aaron moved closer, brushing her lips gently. Jules shivered, her stomach doing flips. It felt like there were a million butterflies break-dancing like no tomorrow in there. Can I do this?

“I don’t kiss,” she blurted out.

“What you say?”

“I mean… I don’t tend to kiss any guy I’m just kickin’ it with. It feels too …intimate.”

Aaron snorted out a breath, looking genuinely bluffed. This was definitely a first. “So what do I have to do to convince you I’m not looking for some fling?”

“Maybe … advertise?”

“Advertise?” he chuckled down at her, his eyes pinned to hers. She serious? “Let me get this straight, you want me to persuade you to kiss me, even though I can feel you want to?”

“Yeah, what would you say to entice me?”

He smiled broadly, thinking.

“Well, firstly, I’d have to say I think this is some indecisive bullshit on your part.” he chuckled, brushing her lips with his, relishing her quivers.

“Humour me,” she whispered, exhaling against his mouth. Jules wanted to know desperately what he was going to say. She wasn’t honestly considering not kissing him. She just needed him to know that this, unlike the sex, was the bigger deal, this was the letting in.

“Everything about you mesmerizes me, a’ight? Desire doesn’t come close to describing what I’m feelin’ right now, these full, juicy lips…lips so beautiful they have me feeling drugged, hypnotized.”

Jules licked her lips. “OK,” she rasped angling her mouth up to his. “You win, but there’s one thing you should know.”

Her lips were so close to his, their eyes firmly fixed on each other.

“About those juicy lips?” his breath swept over her mouth.

“No. About me. I’m no good at relationships.” She felt to curse right after having said it, but Aaron deserved to hear the truth. That’s how much a kiss in her mixed-up brain signified.”

Lucid Dreaming © 2017 L. S. Bergman

The Promise – Tactics of Love

Next up is Keith Parker kinda trouble, a sexy dude who felt real close to home to write lol, but I digress … Keith has enough charm and bluster to get any woman he wants … except Alessa Monroe is not ‘just’ any woman … she doesn’t always succumb to lust … or does she?

“So you think I can’t do normal?” Keith asked giving me a slightly pissed side-eye, rubbing a hand over his perfectly toned chest, a chest I’d just feasted on, that was still capable of making me drool at the drop of a hat. But that was half an hour ago and this was now. Let’s just say, our present convo wasn’t going too well.

“I’m not saying can’t,” I replied, keeping my tone measured yet conciliatory. I didn’t need another argument, even if our personalities seemed to enjoy the banter and the make-up sex afterwards was super-superlative. We’d just gotten over the last Isaiah episode, when Keith dropped-by my work and noticed Isaiah, in passing, briefly rest his hand against the small of my back. Let’s just say, my man’s spat of undiluted jealousy was still simmering. I could tell working closely with a man like Isaiah was testing every aspect of Keith’s sworn support for women’s liberation.

Keith Parker was a number. An enigma of sorts.

He loved nothing better than being surrounded by beautiful women. It was one of the perks of his job, super famous beautiful women like Jael. Yet, his own woman being around another gorgeous looking man? He became all ‘he-man’ on my ass. Short of beating his chest or parading around in front of Isaiah like a charging bull, Keith was peerless in his ability to move from grown man to infantile insecure chauvinist when it suited him.

His eyes still boring into mine, brought my attention back to the present.

“What are you looking at?” I quipped.

He smirked, “You.”


“Can’t I?” Keith’s smile broadened into a full-on wicked grin, with a myriad of seductive undertones.

“Sure, but why like that? Like you want to eat me or somein’?”

“Maybe I do,” he chuckled, swiping his thumb over his bottom lip and scratching the side of his face in contemplation. “But if the truth be known, I love looking at a beautiful woman, and you may well be the prettiest I’ve ever seen.”

“You can sure spin ’em, just to change the subject,” I laughed, knowing full well what he was doing. Keith was adept at changing the subject, whenever I’d hit a nerve. He was capable of pulling one-line wonders out of thin air. Lines that usually made me hot and bothered, and let’s just say… distracted.

“I can do more than that, sweetheart. And the last time I checked, you liked it… a lot.”

A heated flush surged up my neck, warming my cheeks, followed by a loaded, crackling silence. This happened whenever he went … there.

The Promise – Tactics of Love © 2017 L. S. Bergman

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