What’s cooking …

Well, firstly, wishing everyone a ‘Happy New Year‘ … I hope 2019 has kicked-off well, been kind so far and only gets better!

Been doing a fair bit of writing, but also taking it easy and working on other projects. Reading has taken over my world too lol as I’ve started to trawl through my TBR list which is miles long and pretty darn magical. For me reading feels like returning to the roots, enjoying great stories, and the work amazing writers. The two sides of the craft go hand in hand.

I’ve got a couple stories of my own cooking right now and nearing completion, but not sure when I’ll be rolling them out. The full length is the most challenging as I’m stepping out of my genre again, like with Becoming Bessy, and trying something totally new which has me super-excited, but more on that a ‘lil later in 2019.

What I can say is the ‘Love Chances Series’ will be continuing, and the ‘Love Notes‘ with some new characters for ‘Love Chances’ and Dora’s story as a mega-intense short/full length … it’s still in progress (I love writing Dora’s story, a woman whose struggle I totally admire).

One of the aspects about writing series though is you also have to look back from time to time (at least I do). Remembering all those names, dates, get the context right, and re-connect with all the personalities like long lost friends still ghosting about in the present is a journey in and of itself. It’s been cool re-reading some of my work (I tend to not do this lol) with a fresh lens … and I’ve been feeling pleasantly surprised, even developed a couple favorites and possible off-shoots. One of my faves, I’m sampling today. I hope you’ll enjoy Jules. I know I loved writing her journey to love, and I know, as a writer, each book has a little bit of the writer buried inside.

Peace & Love


Thursday Throwback Sample: ‘Lucid Dreaming’

#Free with #KindleUnlimited

“This was exactly where Jules did not want to be. Sitting in the restaurant having to listen to people she didn’t even know, or care about, and probably had never even spoken to, attempt to unravel her mother’s story, make sense of it, bring peace to an open wound.

Jules had played along for the sake of Aunt Celine, whose birdlike eyes kept coming to rest upon her, but more importantly for Joe. He’d lost a sister, a sister he had fought so hard to save on so many occasions. Jules wasn’t the only one feeling betrayed. And, a wake was a wake, Joe’s wish. It was tradition. Except this wasn’t Caribbean-style. There were no nine nights of mourning due to the rushed cremation slot, but plentiful food and gifts had arrived all the same. As things got merrier and people Jules hardly knew started spouting off a whole lot of crap about her mother, casting pitiful glances her way, her blood began to boil in her veins.

“…some people just been lost for too long. I mean what you gonna do?” she overheard a man comment behind her, and that was the final straw. Jules snapped.

“Who you callin‘ lost? Maybe it’s you that’s lost. All of you. Just look at yah! Sitting there, all smug, judging me and my mother with your boring ass lives,” Jules cried out. Her whole body was shaking from head to toe, tears streaming rivers down her cheeks. “But you know what? You needn’t worry about me or my mother no more, worry about yourselves instead, ’cause we’re all gonna need savin‘.”

“Jules, that’s enough…,” Joe interjected, as she stepped backwards towards the door.

“No it ain’t…look at them…all up in their Church, ain’t that right Aunt Celine? Preaching your compassion, all about ‘love’…it’s all some serious hypocritical bullshit right here. Where were any of us when mum needed us? Huh? Well, you know what? I’m facing this for what it is. A sad loss, and none of you….none… have any damn right to judge.”

Silence filled the room.

Jules wiped her eyes, as Aaron got up from next to Alessa and approached her. She closed her eyes, sucking in a ragged breath, signalling for him not to come any closer.

“No…no, I can’t do this no more. I need to get my head straight, and here is definitely not the place to do it.”

With that, she swung the restaurant door open and ran out. Aaron followed her, while a slow murmur of voices hummed around the tables. She was wounded, and despite her rant, Aaron understood what was playing out.

Catching-up to Jules, Aaron swung her around, ignoring her protests, he wrapped her firmly in his arms, until her body lilted against his. Her sobs came so hard right then, Aaron had trouble holding her upright.

“I’m taking you home,” he whispered.

“No, you’re not. Now, let go of me,” she shouted.

“Woman, are you listening to me? I mean, really listening? ‘Cause every time I feel like I’ve communicated something, that you really ‘get‘ what I’m feeling, you do some crazy shit and try to run. Are you not receiving my love? My love, Jules. We’re a team. I mean, I’m not like all the other nameless dick heads who’ve done you wrong. I never treated you like some booty call. I always saw more for us. I always wanted more. So, no more running, a’ight? We can get through this in the right way. Together. ‘Cause when you fade away like this on me, you’re still in here.” He slapped his chest. “You’re my dream woman. I can’t move on, get over or forget. No matter how hard you’re hurting and fighting. I’m done with fighting this…I’m far ahead of you. I’ve accepted the fact you’re gonna bail on me. You can take all the time you need but it’s gonna come right back down to this…we belong together. At least I have the guts to be honest about it, and know that when you’re through figuring you’re gonna realize that everything you need is right here, right now,” Aaron said, his tone sounding beyond frustrated and sad, his grasp tightening slightly.

“Let me go, Aaron. Just, let me go,” she pleaded, her eyes pooling with fresh tears, her cheeks hot and flushed.

“No, baby. You know I can’t do that, not until I hear you admit certain things. Not until I hear you admit that it’s you that won’t stop judging and running from your own shadow. Not until you get the fact that I ain’t judging you, for your past, your relationship with your mom. Nothing. All I want…all I’ve every wanted is to show you how much I love you, Jules. You.”

He knew she was at the edge. He could feel he’d pushed a lot, perhaps too far. But frankly he needed her out there, far out in uncharted waters. He’d been there. He knew what it felt like, how important it was to stay real.

Aaron was through with analyzing their love, her pain, and all of the shit he and her were feeling at a distance. He needed to get straight-up and personal. Enough was enough. She needed to understand one thing, which felt like a corner-stone to him.

Was she understanding his love as he meant to send it?

As he’d been sending it all along?

If so, was she ready to move forward. Together.

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