A Christmas short …

This will be dropping this week, a holiday short story … the second in my ‘Love Notes’ Series of short stories.  I hope you’ll enjoy it, and more importantly I hope that each and every one of you have a ‘Merry Christmas’ filled with love, togetherness and thanksgiving.

Peace and Love,


Let’s Do This … 


‘All work and no play, makes ‘Kimberly Abrams’ …’

the only stubborn woman Jarek Leveson can’t seem to stop thinking about.

Beautiful, competent … if not, at times, a touch shy and defensive,

Kimberly’s constant proximity in Jarek’s life of late has been driving him nothing short of stir crazy.

Working ‘together’, traveling’ together’, socializing … ‘together’

Right up ’til Christmas, Jarek hasn’t just had Kimberly in scope …

he’s been biding his time with ‘Ms Unobtainable’, plotting a way out of, what has become, a smoldering ‘situation’, a situation of hidden truths and secret interludes.

Irrespective of the rebuffs, or the ill-suited ‘talk’, Jarek has made up his mind.

He’s on a mission.

Kimberly’s sweetness hasn’t just seeped into the depths of his soul,

lately, she has him feeling like a man possessed.

Stepping up, he’s no longer prepared to let this old year bow out to the new

without ‘some’ proving to ‘his girl’ on New Year’s Eve no less that she’s very much … mistaken.

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