Just a stop …

Wow, it’s Christmas already!!  This year has flown by.  I can’t believe we’ll soon be rolling into 2019.  This year has been a great one, lots of traveling, events and more books.  A major book project, Becoming Bessy, finally got released … phew, the #LoveChancesSeries continued with ‘Fragile’, and I started putting together some #LoveNotes, a group of shorts I had put to the side.  

This next release, in time for the holidays, is something sweet and light, the story of Kimberly and Jarek.  I will be releasing a a ‘lil bit, but here’s a snippet to check-out.  Hope you enjoy!

‘Let’s Do This …’

WHEN I STOPPED talking, I thought I heard a soft chuckle. Pulling back, I glanced down at Kimberly, cradled at my side, and saw the smile I was searching out before she sucked it back in. “You see? This lil’ game already got you feeling better, huh?”

She shrugged, her shoulder nudging into me.

“Just a touch,” she conceded, straightening up, and turning to face me. I noticed she was using me as a point of focus, anything to not look outside.

“Alright, so it’s your turn. ‘Cos I do like plain vanilla but chocolate ain’t half-bad.” I winked again, suggestively, only telling the truth. I loved my sex, and I loved it freaky. I would love to get freaky with her.

Her brow knitted, scrunching up her mouth, thinking through the nasty double meaning again,I definitely intended to get across.

Noticing some beads of sweat prickling her brow, I reached out and wiped them off. My tactile side came naturally like that. Instinctive.

“What … you doin’,” she startled, pulling back.

“Wiping your brow.” I stated the fact.

“Well, it’s damn hot in’it?”she said, stripping off a scarf from around her neck, as I started twisting one of my locks for lack of knowing what to do with my hands.

She wasn’t wearing a coat.

Like me, Kimberly was used to ducking from one heated venue into another. I’d also left mine in the car. I didn’t need any unnecessary baggage. Stopping over for drinks with the manager was just that …a stop.

“OK, I think I’ve got one.” She snatched a nervous glance outside.

The snow was falling lightly. It was, well yeah… hella romantic. I knew she was feeling the intimate vibe.

“A story of us you like and want to share?” I teased, feigning surprise. We had our share of moments over the last year. At least in my dirty mind. I was wondering which one she would choose.

She rolled her eyes, “Alright, listen-up.”

Let’s Do This © 2018 L. S. Bergman     (Still in Editing)

Coming soon …

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