So, ‘Let’s Do This ….’

Sample Sunday!

Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday!! Here’s a seasonal teaser from my next installment, coming in Dec.

#LoveNotes Series no.2

Let's do this ...

WIP: So Let’s Do This ….

Introducing a new character … Kimberly, Dora Walker’s PA
(from #LoveChances #LoveNotes) …
“”A’ight, help is comin‘, so let’s cuddle and talk. How ’bout we switch things up.  You tell me something you actually like about me and I’ll tell you something I like about you. You know, feel that goodwill.  Get into the spirit of the season and make a game of it.”
“Stupid game, seeing there ain’t ‘nothin‘ to tell,” I croaked, my lids cracking open, my gaze landing on his bent legs, the muscular thighs straining his dark denim as we sat on the floor. ‘A blatant lie but what the heck …’ ‘We could start with how much I love dem thighs …
He chuckled, a deep earthy sound, which reverberated through me.  Nothing fazed him. In fact, he seemed to enjoy my harsh comebacks immensely.
“So, it’s like that now?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about?”
“And here’s me thinking I’ma let you go first.”
“I didn’t say I was playing.”
Nah, you playin‘ alright, you just need a little coaxing … to warm up,” he rubbed my arm vigorously as if I was liable to catch frost bite, which was not the case. One of the rare upsides of the horrible situation we were currently in was, it was cozy.
My legs were cramping up slightly though, so I stretched them out in front of me, listening to his velvety baritone soon buzzing again too close to my ear again.
Yep, sure. I’d love to go first. Help you get in that mood.” I could feel his wicked smile.
“Now you’re talking crap to yourself? First sign of madness.”
“Mad about you,” he whispered, clear enough for me to hear, triggering a different kind of trembling.
My head flicked up, and we locked eyes. His eyes were ablaze like that day in the Park, all molten and forbidden-looking. I stared for a tick too long, I guess, ‘cos in that moment time felt stretched or slowed or perhaps fell away altogether into some meaningless void, I don’t know. All I knew was … It was weird ‘cos a part of me wanted to believe him.
There were two crossed lines of communication happening. My thoughts, which were strongly negative and averse to everything this man had to offer, and my body which was messing around with the above, getting all hot and moist in places.  Bodily betrayal.
“Shall I?” he asked, tilting his head to capture more of my gaze.
My eyes were bugging out watching his sexy smirk taunting me as he took a small flask from the inside pocket of his coat.  Unscrewing the leather bottle, he offered it to me. I declined.
With a knowing shake of his head, that beautiful smile flashing full, he took a hearty swig. “You should have some whiskey, darlin‘. Quiet dem nerves.
Having second thoughts, I grabbed it, pressed it to my lips and gulped some down. I was still observing him closely, feeling slightly woozy by the pot luck of being stranded with one of the hottest dudes … on the friggin’ planet.
Things could be worse. Then again … 
At that moment, the alcohol burn kicked in, and my throat was suddenly on fire.  Coughing it out, my hand covered my mouth, as dude’s chuckle had my skin flushing in embarrassment.
“You gonna be just fine,” he said, soothingly rubbing down my back as I gasped, leaning forward.
I had my doubts.  
Still sputtering, all I could do was nod.”
(coming Dec ©LS Bergman 2018)

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