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In November, I’ll be releasing ‘Loving Gio’, the first story in my new #LoveNotes series. This is a novella which offers a slice of time, one intense year in a turbulent young woman’s life. Yes, it’s an erotic #blacklove story, but it is also, unlike my usual, a bit more experimental and not packing a complete HEA so readers please be warned. This one may not be for you if you only read full-length HEAs.

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Anyway, let me see what else I can tell you …

Giovanna Walker is a new addition to my character line-up, one quirky, super-talented kind of chick. She’s a fighter, unorthodox and unapologetic with her words. She’s difficult, oft hard to handle. But no matter the depths of her troubles, Gio is always able to shine. So when she decides to fall for one particular dude who’s off-limits, like everything in Gio’s world, there are no halfway points. There’s either ‘all or nothing’.

Readers, another warning my lovelies lol, Gio has been one of the most provocative and downright difficult characters I’ve had to write, someone whose obstinacy and sass frustrated an tested me. Not since Jules in ‘Lucid Dreaming’ (Love Chances Series no.2) have I had this kind of character raise their head in my imagination lol. So try to take Gio’s potent eroticism with an open mind, her layers, her story, will hopefully reveal all.

‘Loving Gio’ is the first short story in the Love Notes Series …  blurb, cover reveal and more dropping in just a ‘lil bit (Nov 2018, stay tuned).



PS Many characters from my #LoveChancesSeries do show-up, #LoveNotes is a spin-off, so while I’ve tried to write Gio’s story as a standalone it would definitely add more depth to the experience if you’ve already read one or two of the previous series books, say Book 6 ‘Fragile’ or One Week Book 4.

Sample Sunday: ‘Loving Gio’ (Love Notes Series no.1)

In a record shop on the Portobello Road …

Dragging some headphones over her ears, Gio started flicking through tracks, trying to ignore her racing heart. Panic attacks had been plaguing her lately as well, but like everything else in Gio’s personal life. She’d not only downplayed it. She’d kept it secret.

Raising her forefinger to the side of her neck, she closed her eyes, letting the beat of her frantic heart, blend with the music, riding the wave of panic, letting it well-up in her …

My body may be fragile but my spirit is strong. She repeated, as hectic scenes passed before her mind’s eye. Old hook-ups, friends, childhood experiences (some good, most bad), her parents, all the disappointments there (her father in particular), sexual elation countering the lows … so many feelings, images, nameless sexual encounters. Her life felt sped-up, not making sense, given she was also trying to remember reasons for everything she was seeing, weave background into the situations, the conversations. Her body felt as if it was teetering on the verge of overload. Too much …

Giovanna gulped for air, although she knew she was breathing, she couldn’t really sense any air reaching her lungs.

Her eyes flashed open and met her fractured gaze in the mirrored wall opposite, in-between the myriad of scuffed sticker advertising. She startled, her gaze colliding with a tall brawny tanned white dude wearing a brown beanie. He was saying something to her, but she couldn’t make out the words. She just studied his sexy lips moving. And then full recognition kicked in. Her heart ratcheted up as more realization dawned on her.

Sliding one headphone to the side, his smooth deep baritone finally penetrated her frantic fog.

Is everything OK? Do you need some help?” Gorgeous dude looked concerned, his brow furrowing.

Giovanna blinked back at him, tears of embarrassment pooling her eyes. She’d seen him before, but never this close, never this personal. The situation felt like a dream. “No … I mean, I’m not doing too well, but …,” she gasped, feeling the familiar shortness of breath grip her.

Suddenly, she couldn’t think, watching as her knight in shining armour slid the headphones off of her head, and lifted her … yup, into his arms … to a chair next to the till by the door. “Try to take slow calming breaths, a’ight?”

Setting her down, he leaned into her space, peering to check her eyes, still assessing the situation.

Is there someone you need me to call?” sexy dude with the softest sweet-smelling shirt ‘ever’ asked, cracking open a small bottle of water and passing it to her. Giovanna was ready to swoon, if only her body wasn’t failing her. The entire episode was surreal as shit.

She took the bottle, blowing out a shaky breath, before bringing it to her lips.

Dude’s gaze was still fixed on her, a glint of surprise now passing through those dancing greens. He was full-on staring, “Hey, I know you, don’t I? It’s Gio … umm … Giovanna, right.” He waggled his hand, and Gio caught a glimpse of his solid platinum wedding band, as a commotion started on the stairs.

Her breathing was calming, but her other bodily functions were still far out somewhere in the universe, drooling over Keith Parker, in the fucking flesh.

Keith was a client and old friend of her Aunt’s, a veritable celebrity in his own right and front man for the band Soul&Ice, a band her aunt happened to manage. His heartthrob of a son, Rob was currently dating her cousin, Paula.

Man, you know I is look hard fuh yuh, but it weren’t where I is left it,” ‘I & I’ RudeBoy said, coming down the stairs from the shops small in-built mezzanine, an upper floor crammed with stacks of vinyl. RudeBoy was a legend in these parts, with his thick mostly gray locs and slender frame. The first thing you noticed was his abundance of aforementioned locs, stacked high atop his head. The second thing was that charismatic smile. The third, all of the ites, gold and green, he had going on, in his shirt, shoes, armbands. Come summer, and carnival, it wasn’t …” Loving Gio © L.S. Bergman 2018 … coming in Nov



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