Surrender …

It feels good to be back in the loop, catching-up with all of my author friends, readers, having missed them very much and after one hell of a long-ass unusual summer.

I took a long break from everything these last couple months. I wanted to try a couple things out for myself, bucket-list stuff, one of which was a prolonged detox/fast. I also wanted to change my working life, so I arranged that as well. So, I got away, on my own, and kinda got to check-in with me again lol … which was a good thing. This summer took me away then back home to see family, and I realized something had changed … such as?

Well, I had kind of a new outlook on life. Like totally.

The changes and renewal I’d experienced these couple weeks shifted something deep inside and made me wake-up to some life-changing possibilities on many levels. I’m sure these changes are going to have a big impact upon my writing. But anyway, I digress

Switching off from social media was a part of my challenge, ok IG was still ticking at very low ebb for a while, a girl has needs, man lol, but seriously what I discovered was, well … life! And not all of the planned-out, goal setting, event to event managing kinda ting I’d been doing … but, the kind of letting go, surrendering to the craft, seeing where this thing called life wanted to lead me.

All I can say is, it was worth it. The process is sound.

I got another two books finished, but the writing seems very different somehow, definitely not holding back lol. I now have to summon the courage to publish these. Let’s see how it goes with the edits.

Until then, with more terrible immigration news just up this week, let’s do a check-in with my last release, Fragile, a book whose characters I absolutely love.

Fragile (2)

Sample Wednesday:

Immigration policy is ever present at the moment, and I wanted to fashion a fictitious love story to reflect the state of what is potentially happening on the ground, in ordinary peoples lives so to speak.

In Fragile, two people from very different backgrounds meet and an unusual connection is made, a connection which ends up changing both Stephanie and Justice’s lives for good. A connection so strong it withstands anything, mirroring the fact that these two really don’t have a choice. If they decide to go for it, their commitment to each other has to withstand the huge storm brewing just around the corner. #IbelieveInLove


“So,” she whispered, her chest rising. She looked so nervous, mirroring what I was feeling. I’d never had this experience before, where you almost needed desperately to make physical contact with a woman in order to get through a conversation. That’s what our attraction felt like. Weighted. Buzzing. Especially in the space between my thighs.

Through all of the chaos it took to reach these shores, the urge to be a man, to make love to a woman had been drowned out by the crazy physical realm I’d occupied, the struggle to make it, to keep my little girl with me, to keep moving, to stay alive. Sometimes I loved nothing more than to daydream my tired body to sleep, but now I was having to blink a few ‘cos this beauty was real. “This was more than unexpected on my side as well,” I replied, my baritone showing the strain. “It wasn’t like a guy goes to work thinking he’ll run straight into the woman of his dreams.”

Stephanie’s perfect caramel complexion flushed further. I knew I was embarrassing her, but it was the truth.

“One Guinness, love,” the waitress, unceremoniously smacked the pint down with a courtesy wink. I nodded my thanks. “Cheers,” I said, lifting the glass and waiting on Stephanie to connect with mine.

“Cheers,” she said quietly going through the motions with that mesmerized smile still plastered on her face.

As if by clockwork, the bell at the bar started ringing, signaling last orders. I smirked. It was getting late, but somehow ending up in this woman’s company had stopped time, at least in my head.

“You look tired,” I observed, taking another long swig.

“I am,” she sighed. “I have a deal that has demanded my full-on attention for weeks now, and it feels a bit like I’m sending myself crazy trying to get it right, if you know what I mean?”

I nodded, even if I really didn’t know, watching her down more Guinness. What limited knowledge of the law I did possess pertained to asylum and immigration procedure. Even that felt like a damn circus. “I’m sorry,” I offered, reaching my hand over and covering hers. The electricity which pulsed through me at that moment was off-the-freakin’-chains, as I saw her physically tremble, her gaze falling to our interlocked hands.

Her skin felt so soft. Like butter, as I caressed her knuckles, before interlacing my fingers in hers.

She went along with it, her eyes still fixed on our different shades of brown swirling together, like dark and milk chocolate.

“I couldn’t help myself,” I muttered, distracted by the sensual feel of her, her scent wafting in my direction, the iron-rod in my pants.

“Then don’t,” she replied, locking eyes with mine, making my breathing unsteady.”  Fragile©L.S. Bergman

End of summer #sale #ebook Check out Fragile, one click on link below. Peace&Love

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