‘Fragile’ Love

Today’s Thursday drop-in is with another sample from my #NewRelease ‘Fragile‘. 

In my writing, I’m always trying to tackle something new.  Challenging myself to reach, to test out those parameters of love LOL.  Well, ‘Fragile‘ tested me for sure, and it also stirred something deep. 

This couples’ connection mattered.  I don’t know how else to put it.  The possibility of their kind of love not only happening but having an HEA is the type of world I choose to side with.  Call it the romantic in me LOL.

This is a tough love story but one I wanted very much to tell.  So let’s drop in a while with Justice, a deep soul with one hell of a big heart. You can check ‘Fragile’ out on Kindle (link below) #JustLove

Fragile (1)

Fragile‘ by L.S. Bergman,


To be truthful, so many strange things had happened in the last year, I was getting kind of accustomed to just keeping it one hundred and rolling with it. The crossing, feeling as if I’d been dropped in the urban jungle which was London, with no clue about how to survive or navigate. I was making it up as I went along, determined to save face for Sappho’s sake. Sappho … I couldn’t believe how distracted I was.

I couldn’t believe I’d nearly forgotten about the little girl lying fast asleep in the next room.

Stephanie re-entered just as the doorbell sounded.

“That’ll be my ride,” she grimaced.

I knew what she was feeling. “Yup, I’ll walk you down,” I said, hurriedly putting-on my sneaks. Bending down to tie my laces, I made the unfortunate mistake of looking up.

My eyes collided with smooth, long brown legs, and I had to shake my head to bury the explicit direction my thoughts had already run-off in. The sound of her light laughter summoned me to standing, as I drew her under my arm and started for the door. I wasn’t ashamed of the lust I was feeling. I only regretted not being able to bury my head between those luscious thighs. And, what was more, it seemed my dirty mind had a willing accomplice. Her wicked laugh revealed she was right there with me, sharing my mental space.

If only we had more time … time.

Grabbing my keys and flying down the short flight of stairs, I opened the heavy front door to our building, letting her pass first, before we were both outside in the crisp early dawn chill. A gestured nod to the driver, a bop of his head in return, then opening the door for Stephanie to get in, she moved to duck inside but paused.

Hey, thank you. I’m never gonna forget this.”

Those were her parting words.

I brushed a kiss over her lips, nodded and waited to close the door, before knocking on the roof for the driver to take off. She waved as I turned to walk back to my building. I had this burning in my chest as I went. I knew it was foolish and soft of me, but I missed her already.

That woman had seeped deep and I didn’t feel as if I had an alternative in the matter either.

Stephanie felt like a compulsion.

But, for right now, duty called. I had to get my mental straight. Get Sappho up, breakfasted, dressed and ready for school.

After going to hell and back to get her a place in a nearby school, the novelty of having a school at all to go to felt like such a hard-won privilege, the two of us got excited each morning simply at the realization. It was a feeling of accomplishment, I couldn’t imagine subsiding any time soon.” Fragile© L.S. Bergman 2018

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