Sunday Sample

Here’s a Sunday sample from my #Newrelease ‘Fragile’, which I hope you’ll enjoy!!

Wishing everyone a ‘Happy Sunday’! #JustLove



‘Find your passion, something that drives you, fills you, ‘cos that’s when true living is gonna end up fascinating you, and all the other pieces will fall into place.’ 

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That’s what my folks had drilled into us.

I thought I’d found it, I mean, professionally and materially, I could’ve sworn I had.
I was successful, with everything going for me, be it for one thing. 

I was hitting my mid-30s and still single, holding out for the dude of my dreams, adamantly glued to that shelf, because I was stubborn, hell bent on ‘not’ settling.

So when Justice Mensah came blasting into my life one night. The man made my world more than shift on its axis, I got a taste of that ‘heaven on earth’ feeling I’d been searching for. 

My something ‘in’ life became a someone ‘for’ life … just that quick.

Love really does change you, is all I can say. 

It’s powerful stuff, perhaps the strongest of all emotions, but also fragile and in need of protection.


Fragile: A Sunday Sample

“The waft of fresh scent invading my nostrils had me mesmerized as I wiped my eyes, breathing easier, cough subsiding … but hormones now starting a serious jam-session, like jelly beans on ecstasy.

Squaring my shoulders and standing to my full height, I turned to face him.

Who tell me do dat?

He was still so damn close to me, intoxicatingly close, almost touching, and all I could feel was sheer heat zapping between us. The chemistry we shared was off-the-freaking-chains. I knew sex with this man would be out of this world. I could feel it. On cue, he smiled a cocky grin, as if reading my thoughts. Yep, I was definitely feeling this too.

But this was crazy, right?

The guy didn’t even have a name yet.

The realization of which was about to be rectified.

“Thank you, I think,” I smiled, flushing as I wriggled my shoulders in reference to his very firm hands-on breathing correction technique.

“You’re welcome,” he did that little bop thing with his head again, his casual grin broadening, looking entirely unperturbed, his chewing gum beginning to move slowly in his jaw as a wicked smile edged out one of my own. His eyes were un-moving, heavy-lidded and smoldering, telling me dirty inappropriate sexy-as-sin things we could excel at together.

Everything about this man felt direct. It seemed like he was looking into me, sensing my pleasure needs and ticking each box. Seeing that every X-rated thing I was thinking now felt out in the open. I wasn’t embarrassed any more, his proximity made me feel strangely relaxed.

“My name is Stephanie by the way,” I said, still feeling in a trance, senses reeling.

“Justice,” he said, gnawing the inside of his lip for a moment in preference to his peppermint smelling gum action on the other side.

Huh … as in ‘laws of justice’,” I muttered unawares.

What a name?

If this was not a sign in my fickle brain, I had no idea what the hell was … I was believing it though whichever way the wind blew.

He smiled, big and broad. My breath hitched again.

“Yeah, somin’ like that,” he said, pausing to scratch the slight stubble at the side of his face. “My mother had a thing about human rights … Why? Are you some kinda lawyer?”

I shrugged, glancing briefly away to survey the fancy office I was standing in, “yeah, somin’ like that. Doing a stint here, trying to broaden my experience, I guess. Corporate law.”

He just nodded, taking it all in while stepping backwards, as if to signal that our emergency casual interaction was drawing to a close. We were returning to our relative ‘stations‘ or whatever that shit was. I knew what he was doing, but I was loathed for our little interaction to end.”

Fragile © L.S. Bergman 2018


Image accreditation: LS Bergman, pixabay

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