New Release, ‘Fragile’

After a few uploading woes LOL, I’ve got a small #NewRelease just out, the latest addition to my ‘Love Chances’ Series.  I hope you’ll check it out!!  #JustLove

Fragile - High Resolution

Fragile‘ is Stephanie and Justice’s story, well their ‘beginning’ anyway. For those of you familiar with the Series, Stephanie is Aaron’s big sister and Stuart’s little one :), the square lawyer in the Simmons clan (from Lucid Dreaming and Daring to Hold).

This is Stephanie’s story but it’s kind of different, perhaps a little bit similar to Paula and Rob’s romance in ‘One Week’ in that it is a short, in-your-face read, skimming the surface of a hot topic that everyone seems to be concerned about.  No spoilers.

So, in that light, firstly this is ‘not’ a full-length LOL.  Secondly, I wanted to tackle a tougher love equation this time, lend a romantic upside to so many depressing things we hear in the media.

Right off the bat, ‘Fragile‘ is a stripped down love story, fast moving with hardly any let up. I wanted there to be pressure from the let go on these two. I hope that I’ve managed that … we’ll see …  I wanted to convey an urgent, slightly unsettling, kind of emotional space, where anything and nothing seems possible.

Writing ‘Fragile‘ was a journey which took me way into this ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality which is all-pervasive these days (and the story touches on the interplay of class, religion, culture and race), exploring what kinds of feelings make ‘belonging’ possible? Along with the strength of the commitment needed if you find love when your back is up against a wall.

I hope you’ll enjoy the romantic ride, and thank you for reading.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support.


Link to Kindle Edition:

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