Catching-up …

The last couple weeks have been full-on, but productive. Feel as if I’m now coming up for air though, able to enjoy some sweet summer vibes. Here are a couple updates …

LBF2018 – The Indie Slant:

My check-in with the London Book Fair felt pretty much like business as usual. There weren’t really any surprise revelations this year, which felt strangely comforting. The ‘Blockchain‘ buzz has finally reached self-publishing which, as a writer, can only add to the security, potentially augmenting POS branding possibilities for those wanting to take that route.


One of the biggest takeaways was the word ‘collaboration‘ which made me chuckle. It’s the way nearly every Indie I know gets by, but for some reason it was being presented as ‘news‘. It is also interesting seeing the increasing normalcy of hybrid authorship as well, the dynamics happening between the Indie and Trade Publishing side of the business.

The KDP Select, Amazon Publishing and AudioBooks (via ACX) all made their presence known, and it was good talking to people and getting to know the service vibe behind what, as an author, you kind of take for granted.

My Work In Progress:

My writing has been ticking along nicely, but something happened that was new. A whole other book started coming to me, like ‘big time‘, just as I was finishing my next release… the itch to write it was so great, I had to follow through. The flow has been pure magic with this one, which is looking like a short novella. This was kinda unexpected, but cool (and, for those who’ve been in-boxing me about the next installment in Love Chances‘thank you’ for your patience and support …  know that this love is real, and it’s coming soon ❤)

Now I am getting back to editing the release and taking my time with that because I seriously love this story, the next in the ‘Love Chances Series’ and want to get it as ‘right’ as I can. Hence, not rushing it 😉 . That being the case, I’m still not sure which one I’ll end-up dropping first.

Traveling and wellness:

Summer is here and it feels like ‘yay‘!!! Been doing a lot of traveling lately, which had me a bit like, you know, feeling driven but tired, some ying and yang stuff going on after one long-ass winter.

So with summer finally here, I decided to pull the breaks for a couple weeks, concentrate upon my writing, and catch up with my peeps, enjoy the family time.

I’ve also been digging some wellness routines along with it, doing some fasting (making a kind of #snakejuice which I’ve been doing for years), cleansing all the crap out LOL, and keeping up with my other fitness stuff.

So, yeah, all good, feeling happy. And looking forward to getting the writing completed and these next projects out soon. Keep you posted. #JustLove , #StayPositive and #StayCool


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