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Thought I’d share a short snippet from the next installment in the ‘Love Chances Series’.  I hope to get this one out the door soon~ish, so stay tuned my lovelies 😉

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This is Stephanie’s story, the rather ‘sensible‘ and conservative member of the Simmons’ clan, who is about to embark upon some serious ‘out-of-character‘ relationship dynamics. This will be a sweet ‘black love‘ summer romance, set in London, with a few interlaced themes forming the backdrop to this couple’s passionate connection.

I hope you’ll stay tuned. But until then, here’s an excerpt …. there is also a back-list #Sale happening BTW on select titles (link below) in the series. #JustLove

Love Chances, next in series, work in progress …

“… there were many things about this man that intrigued me, not just his unusual name. I wanted to learn more. In fact, I yearned to know every damn thing about him.

Being in his presence made me feel all kinds of ‘special‘ … sort of exceptional, a singular sensation I hadn’t felt in a hell of a long time. The only thing I couldn’t quite square in all of this was, the enormity of what was going down.  Drop-dead externals aside, I had no clue why he was having this kind of earth-shattering effect.

Sure, the dude was superbly fine, ‘I mean, su-per-bly-fine‘, but there was so much more to it.

His energy, our sizzling vibe, the mischievous spark in those deep sable eyes, the intelligent air about him that had me buzzing, wanting to learn absolutely ‘everything’ there was to know.

“Well, nice to meet you, Stephanie. I hope you’re doing better now,” he said, his baritone dipping low, laced with concern as he took another step back, while gesturing to my neck, referencing my prior altercation.

Right then, my heart started to burn with angst, as I cleared my throat, watching him withdraw. “Yes, I’m fine.  Thank you … for … helping me. It was umm … nice … to meet you too.” I managed to stammer, my one-liners trailing pitifully, sounding standard and unspectacular … I mean, even despite my present immobilized state, I was never the smart mouth. I’d always been phenomenally crap at flirting.

But at that moment, what I wouldn’t have given for some of my sister-in-law Claudia’s finesse in that department… to find some way of making this man stay, even if I knew he had a job to get back to, as did I.

“Have a goodnight. And don’t work too hard,” he threw back, with a cocky smile and playful wag of a finger, as he sauntered to the door, casually unwinding some earbuds from his jeans’ pocket and stuffing them into either ear.

“Goodnight,” I croaked, coupling it with a feeble wave of my own, as my eyes fell from his sexy broad shoulders, raking over the most gorgeous torso and lingering on the firmness of one absolutely perfect ass.

‘Shit! I was an absolute goner …’

Sinking down into my leather chair with a breathless sigh, I managed to slide my reading glasses back on and tried … ‘tried‘ … to re-train my wayward thoughts back to the grind, to the tedious-ass task at hand.”

© L.S. Bergman 2018

Coming soon …


Backlist #Sale


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