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So this book is a strange one, I knew it was going to be a risk, when I wrote it, but I took it anyway.  ‘Daring to Hold’ is not your typical romance.  Well, it is and it isn’t.  I wanted to explore the friends to lovers trope, but with a twist.  Looking at a hyper-materialistic reality through the lens of a woman who is seriously struggling with ‘the suppos-ed dream life’, to the point of paranoia and brokenness.

Daring to Hold - High Resolution (1)

Everyone tells us more is better.  If only I had more, I could do, see, think, be … whatever

Well, you see, I’ve never quite bought the concept that ‘more’ has any great correlation with happiness.  I’ve seen it too many times, spin out of control.

The true transformation or road to happiness (humble-opinion-time lol) maybe centers more upon the inner journey, something very far removed from the external stuff.  And, yes, a big part of that is all up to the individual, learning to love themselves, embracing the power of the heart,  and gaining the courage to reach for who they really are, waking up and learning to stay true to that realization (the ugly parts and the beautiful bits), while accepting and acknowledging that they are indeed enough.

So, that’s what Anjou in ‘Daring to Hold’  is up against.  A woman who has it all, but yet also feels empty, insecure, who feels her survival and success hinges upon a certain competitive and jealous streak of some kind of linear progression.  But circumstances beyond her control have decided that enough is enough.  An unforeseen event and one beautiful man call time on her past.  Finally.

Anjou has to face her own BS, and discovers, in the process, a deeper, more beautiful  appreciation of both love and life.


What happens when a ‘dream life’ goes up in a puff of smoke?

Claudia Banks is about to inhabit just that reality. From the famous Anjou the cat-walk darling to a broken lonely woman, Claudia’s fall is not only swift and unexpected; it feels more than decisive.

Stuart Simmons, musician, celebrity heart-throb and member of the popular band Soul&Ice has only ever been in love with one woman, except he hasn’t exactly divulged that fact. They’ve been riding together for years. Stuart remembers Anjou though, before the supermodel moniker, before all of the hype. When they were just kicking it together as plain ‘ole Stuart and Claudia. First-time kinda crushing.

Their climb to fame has been equally swift. Their rumored relationship … sometimes ‘on’, sometimes ‘off’ … wayward and far from smooth. Living the high life, that’s just the way things tended to roll. Turbulent and fast.

But what happens when things truly fall apart and crumble?

Who and what really matters then?

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