Friday Rambling …

So excited to have my new release Becoming Bessy available in paperback! I loved writing this historical romance, and who knows? Maybe I’ll have a crack at another one, sometime in the future. I’m going to be organizing a ‘Becoming Bessy’ giveaway soon, but I have a bit of travelling coming up to get over first.

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In any case, today #TGIF, the sun is shining and I am writing and being a mommy. Exclusively today. Both of these roles I treasure, but neither are without their challenges lol.  Ain’t that though the beauty of this thing called life?


At the moment, I’m getting back to my Love Chances Series, and it’s going well. Sometimes when I write it comes out like a tsunami … I get intense about having to get the words out, almost as if I won’t be able to remember the flow if I don’t (notebook always at the ready lol). Anything can trigger it, ‘cos writing inspiration is found in life. It’s all around each and every one of us, and we only have to take the time to look. I do a lot of the later, observing, and tend to have a couple projects on the go, simmering, never quite knowing where they’ll lead but trusting the process all the same.

Writing is something I definitely feel is fulfilling some innate part of me, a part craving for a different outlet of self-expression. I’m not sure how long this gig is gonna last, but for as long as I feel I want to write I will write.

It’s a solitary process, putting the words down, but I cherish the alone time, and organize my schedule to suit. Those around me know 😉 ❤ when I’m completing something. Slinking away into that writing cave in a mental fog, kinda ‘ting lol. But they are sooo understanding, loving me regardless, knowing that if they give me this slice of time, they’ll have a better, more energized, improved me as a result.


What can I say about the second part of this ramble other than … I never dreamed I’d get the honor of becoming a ‘mom‘, and of calling myself a parent. But these guys are such wonderful blessings in my life. The process has taught me the importance of unity and selflessness in large doses. The latter was the hardest thing to learn, but also the most worthwhile. Learning to love yourself and tend to your needs but accepting when to give way, to yield to the flow of something much larger, something without any road-map which often seems totally out of your control but so worthwhile, and so filled with meaning and love.

So, leaving you with a one-line from my #WIP and wishing you a peaceful, restful, fun-filled weekend … let it be what you wish to make it. I’ll be getting back to my writing which is, at the moment, a touch more naughty than nice lol.




#WIP Oh dear … here comes trouble lol

I like it hot too,” she continued, her smile broadening, as she leaned back against the desk, twirling a lock of her hair distractedly between forefinger and thumb, trying her hardest to dampen a chuckle as she absorbed the effect she was having. Finally, she had him exactly where she’d dreamed of.©L.S. Bergman 2018


#NewRelease …

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