Author, Aja

I am so excited to celebrate this writer’s work in my second author spot for the month.  Shining the love on Aja today, a writer whom I ‘love’ to read.  Her work is deep, passionate and soulful.


Aja is an author of sensually erotic women’s fiction.

Her stories allow readers to experience realistic, inspiring and soulful interactions between her characters and intense passion between couples overcoming life’s challenges

Aja is a prolific author and has written several series and standalones.




Her latest #NewRelease does not disappooint.  It is a beautiful romantic read, dripping with sensuality.  I feel so honored to have this opportunity to chat with, my friend, Aja ….


So, Aja …

What’s the most difficult thing and most important thing for you as a writer?

The most important things for me to do as a writer is for me to write the truth of the experiences my characters are going through. Not what I want for them. Not what is easier for me to say, but what is their truth. And sometimes that is the most difficult thing because it can mean not writing what is the popular opinion.

Do you view writing as a spiritual practice, a job, or creative outlet or something else entirely?

I view writing as all of that and probably more. Writing for me is me being me, and expressing all the different parts of me. Sometimes I’m in a spiritual place, sometimes I’m just vibing and creating on the fly. Sometimes I’m pushing myself to complete a project, and that is me being a professional and taking myself and my job seriously. There are no rules for me in writing, none other than for me to write something every day.

What does author success/appreciation look like to you?

Great question. For me it’s for my work to be talked about and shared with others and obviously sold and bought at a fair price. It is also for me to still be loving what I do as I do it.

Do you have any common threads running through your work, (e.g. favorite tropes, location, message, types of characters)

The only common thread I can see is that I write people of color, black people specifically, falling in love and facing any challenges that come their way.

What’s your favorite book or series you’ve written? and why

This is tough because depending on how I’m feeling I choose one over the other. The Love & Passion series because of it’s honesty and sometimes the vulnerability that my characters shared with me. But the Unexpected series because Maya & Roman’s relationship was relatable, and one that I can always empathize with. I can’t choose, Liz! So unfair 😉

You can reach out to Aja via her Amazon Author Page:

Or, visit her website,


Thanks so much for the chat #JustLove

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