Soulmates: A Sunday Sample

Happy Sunday my lovelies ❤ .  I’m getting over a crazy full week and am just here chilling, been writing, and am now about to tackle my ‘thirsty natty dreads’ with some deep conditioner (too much info, I know lol). But very necessary. I can tell yuh. #naturalhairproblems 😉

Anyway, today’s Sunday Sample is gonna be about soulmates.


You know, that special person who can mellow you out no matter what, make you excited about life, make any rough patch smooth, any sour, sweet, and so forth 😉 You get the idea.

You see, I had a lot of travelling this week, had to attend a big family reunion which, on the surface was supposed to be sad, but ended up being a blast because of the charm and love of those beautiful people present. A soulmate had passed-on in the family, and, feeling the depth and uniqueness of their love, well … it was such a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of ❤

There were many family convos I had along the way which got me thinking about my own soul mate, and how lucky a person is when you’ve found that incredible someone. My dude knew I was feeling sad and it was going to be tough given all of the short notice involved. But his resourcefulness has never failed to blow me away. He is always able to make his presence known to me, even when business calls him to two different continents and three destinations in one week lol. He always manages to drop in, and reach me at that soul level.

So, today, I wanted to tap into that kind of soul love, recognizing the path to get there by revisiting ‘The Promise’, book 3 in my Love Chances Series.


Keith’s love for Alessa and the blossoming of their serious volcanic chemistry into some sweet ‘soulmate‘ kinda love was one beautiful journey. Enjoy!

The Promise – Tactics of Love L.S. Bergman

Turning, her hand covered her mouth, her eyes so wide and bulging, I had to be on my best behavior not to laugh. My chick looked spellbound, and that was just the start, because my role of a lifetime was now kicking in and I couldn’t blow it. I was never good with speeches. Song lyrics, no problem, but proper speeches got me all tongue-tied.

I couldn’t blow this though.

This was too important.

Approaching her, I kept my gaze locked on hers before I fell to my knees in front of her, both of her hands now flew and covered her mouth, as I retrieved the black ring box out of my jeans pocket. I’d been keeping it warm the whole time. Alright Mr. Smooth don’t blow it! I chuckled at her nervousness mirroring mine, loving her reaction, loving the heat cascading through my body from head to toe and radiating out to play with hers.

“Ale, I need you more than the air I breathe, babes. When love caught me once before, I never thought it possible that it would smile on me again. That a guy like me could be so fortunate. But it did, brighter, stronger, and sexier than all hell get-out! Girl, you blow my mind! Do you remember what it felt like when we first met?”

She nodded, and my throat constricted, the vision of her still clear in my mind, standing next to Jules, just after she’d willingly crashed my party. She was beautiful, stunning. When my eyes landed on her, something inside of me, I don’t know, call it intuition… but whatever it was, my world just flipping shifted. At that moment, I was so sure my future would contain her.

Do you remember when we first kissed?”

She nodded again, fighting back a sob. Hell, my eyes were all glassed-over too, but these were the feelings I needed to remind her of. These were the emotions that kept me going every single day, that belonged to us, that were separate from the rest of the world.

After we’d flirted and danced the entire night at my party, I’d gone with Roger to take her home. She was like this precious object, who I couldn’t just say goodbye to and let her drift into the night. I needed to know everything about her, even where she lived. I’d never obsessed like this over a girl. I couldn’t stand the prospect of having her slip through my fingers. Leading her to her front door, I’d kissed her, and my world started to spin. The feel of her lips, her body, which I’d had the pleasure of grooving with all night, her addictive scent, those eyes, that mouth…. shit, it was perfect. I’d kissed many women in my life, but never had a kiss felt so damn good, so right.

Do you remember when we first made love?”

This was my final question, before I laid everything on the line. Making love to Ale for the first time had been incredible, and it had only gotten better since. I remembered every single moment. It was at the flat, after I’d wined and dined her in town, and she’d prolonged the inevitable with weeks of teasing and playing hard to get. My head had been so wired by then, that when I finally got to do all of the things with her body I’d been dreaming of, I remembered every single frame like the sweetest private erotic movie. Our chemistry, the intense passion that erupted that night was off the friggin’ chains. Right then, I knew, Alessa had crawled into my heart completely and I wasn’t ever gonna let her go.

I watched tears begin to trickle down the sides of her hands, her gaze so soft and full of emotion. I was there, right with her. I knew exactly what she was feeling, which prompted me to continue.

All I’m hoping for right now is that you will marry me, like for real?” I know, we’d often joked about the necessity of getting married to counter some of the effects of the band’s lifestyle. But she never realized how serious I was. “Because, Ale? I want you to be totally happy. Your happiness is my happiness. I can’t promise to be perfect, to not ever get jealous again, but I’m working on it …” The Promise – Tactics of Love © L.S. Bergman 2017

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