Author, Angelia Vernon Menchan

pexels-photo-320266.jpegKicking-off these series of author spots, I am so excited and honored to spotlight an author whose work is just oozing with love, motivation, mentorship and soul power. Angelia Vernon Menchan writes romance, but not exclusively.  Her ‘Honourable Menchan Media and Ministry‘ is thriving and has taken her into the realms of publisher, mentor, speaker and counselor.

Angelia is a prolific writer of ‘black love’ in all its shades.  Her volume of written work is extensive and her unique writing voice … unforgettable.

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This author does not hold shy in her writing, and it was a great honor to chat with her and ask her a few questions about her creative process.

I have several favorites, but the one book that really stands out for me personally is this one …





Sister You are More than your assETs …

Here’s my review …

I started reading ‘Sister you are more than your assETS’ late one night, and couldn’t put it down!!! You know that feeling when a truth and a refreshingly honest writing style just grabs your attention and holds it. Well, I sure had that experience with this book.

Angelia Menchan shares her wisdom through a series of personal real-life stories. With each offering, the reader immediately senses both the genuine love, behind everything this author is trying to convey, and her wisdom. She’s so sincere about all of her experiences and intimate with her pain regarding the experience and role of black women that I could sympathize with so much of what she was saying. We’ve all seen, had or heard of similar stories in our own lives. But it is refreshing to listen to Angelia’s wise words of awareness, devoid of condescension or bitterness.

This author embraces her worthy cause with openness of heart and courage. Young women generally are under an awful lot of pressure today, but young black women? It is so hard for some to realize the importance of self-love, self-respect and their own ability…we are all gifted in whichever way! In this worthwhile read, Angelia Menchan offers her best intentions to help young women on their way, with light, warmth, humble sincerity and just plain goodness! I love this book!!!

So, Angelia …

Do you view writing as a spiritual practice, a job, or creative outlet or something else entirely?

Writing is very spiritual, it relaxes me and centers me. If I start writing either mad or sad, I’m soon neither. It’s my soul place.

What’s the most difficult thing and most important thing for you as a writer?

The most difficult part of writing is marketing, bar none. Due to this I’ve hired a virtual personal assistant and it’s wonderful. The most important thing is to write and write what’s authentically my style. My voice is uniquely mine and I embrace that.

What does author success/appreciation look like to you?

I actually feel successful as an author. I have amazing long time readers who read everything and tell others. Of course I would love to earn more but in twelve years I’ve never had a non earning month.

Do you have any common threads running through your work, (e.g. favorite tropes, location, message, types of characters)

I have several stand alone books, though my readers want everything to be serials. I’ve had one ongoing series for 11 years!

What’s your favorite book or series you’ve written?

I have three fave series, The Cinnamon and Malcolm Black books and Zen Cooper Series. Non fiction, my Womanish Series.

Angelia has such a volume of work, there is surely something for everyone.  So, make sure to check her out on Amazon, and also feel free to reach out to her via the links below ….
Thanks for the chat. #JustLove and Happy Release Day!

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